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  1. BlissfulPlugInBaby
    10-09-2013 02:38 AM
    I haven't talked to you in quite some time so I was just going to say hi!
    I hope everything is going well with you!
  2. BlissfulPlugInBaby
    24-04-2013 10:50 PM
    Hey! It's no problem at all that you took a bit to reply! I was the one who took like 100 years to reply last time, so I totally understand! xD

    BUT OH MY BELLAMY!! Your Muse concert!!!! How was it? Was it the best day of your life?? Having experienced them live in concert, I can't help but freak out with excitement for anyone else who gets to see them live! And you got Stockholm Syndrome!! I know Jordan must have died from excitement! Did you have a favourite song out of the ones you got? (I know it's basically impossible to choose a definite favourite, but I just thought that there might have been a song that particularly stood out to you live?) Probably my favourite was Knights Of Cydonia. I've always adored the song, but it was even more epic live than previously even thought possible. Explorers is my fav track from T2L, so I came pretty close to fainting on that one! Then getting Sunburn was probably my favourite moment of my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Could you believe how insanely amazing their lightshows are?! Isn't it just the coolest thing EVER?! And I also just LOVE what they do with the lyrics on the screen. Oh! And Matt's glasses during Madness. ASDFKGLFSDAOIHFDOSIAHCSDEHCSSFWERASDF <---That was pretty much my reaction to how awesome they were! xD Jordan showed me some of the amazing pictures that you got during the concerts! The pics during Knights Of Cydonia and Survival were exceptionally awesome! Some of the best I've ever seen! But perhaps my favourite one of all was the one during Madness where it said the lyric "Finally" on the screen and then down below was Matt in his ridiculously awesome glasses! THAT WAS SUCH A COOL PICTURE OMG!!!! Seeing Madness live just made me love the song so much more!
    But anyway, I'm so happy that you got to see them live!! The 2nd Law Tour is just too awesome for words!!

    And yeah, Jordan told me about your Keane concert awhile back! I was jealous! xD It must have been SO AWESOME!! Did they play a ton of your favourite songs? And he really kept staring over in your direction?? OMG!! How bloody epic. And you got to be in the second row?!?! Lucky!! Keane is one of my favourite bands...I'd imagine they must be truly amazing live.

    As for how I've been lately, I'm doing quite well, thanks! I'm still happy every day when I wake up because I saw Muse! (Even if it was already a month and a half ago, it's pretty much all I think about still!)
    But yeah...I've just been studying, going to check out college campuses (I'm gonna be starting culinary school soon) and been making some band t-shirts and selling them for money (though I suppose I should go get a real job soon, since I am 16 and all xD). I've been playing in a friend's band off and on lately too which has been epic! So yeah...overall I've been doing well, thanks.
    2013 has been such an amazing year for music. Muse concerts...and then talk of Radiohead's new album this Fall!! Also, have you seen the new Panic Station video? I LOVE IT!! Muse are so crazy!! xD I liked the Supremacy video, too, but Panic Station is just so insane and hilarious that it was insantly one of my fav Muse videos! Muse has been pretty much all I've been listening to lately...between them playing Supremacy at The Brit Awards (I know it was awhile back, but I'm eternally obsessed) and now the Panic Station video, along with videos I got from my concerts, I've been driving everyone I know crazy watching and re-watching Muse videos over and over and over!! xD

    P.S. Sorry this post is so insanely long! Hope you don't mind. I just start talking about Muse and never shut up!
  3. BlissfulPlugInBaby
    20-03-2013 12:50 AM
    I didn't know what the character limit on here is, so I figured I'd just start a new message.
    In response to your last message, sounds like you got some really epic stuff for Christmas! (Gosh, it's been far too long since we've talked--here I am replying about Christmas!! ) However, I do finally have a cell phone now, so I can get on Muse.mu on the go instead of having to wait till I can get on the home computer, which should mean I'll reply much more frequently from now on than my usual ridiculously late replies.
    So how've you been?
  4. BlissfulPlugInBaby
    20-03-2013 12:46 AM
    Okay, I am absolutely HORRIBLE at replying, I'm really sorry.
    Well, since we last talked, I have seen Muse not just once, but TWICE!!!! As much as I adore Coldplay and Radiohead, my Muse concerts were the best I've ever been to. They just make every single moment of every single song so ridiculously awesome live!! The first concert, on the 10th, in Tulsa, I just stood there in shock for the better part of it. But then at the 2nd concert, on the 13th, in Dallas, everything really started to sink in more for me, and at one point, I seriously lost it! My mom was all worried about me because she thought I was actually going to faint! xD And they played Sunburn!!!!!!! That is one of my all-time most favourite songs in all of existence, and that was when I just totally lost it! I just love and respect Muse even more than ever now!! Those concerts made the best days of my life! And you'll be seeing them so soon, too!! You are in for so much awesomeness, words just can't convey.
    Btw, I really love the new emoticons that Muse.mu has to offer since I've been away for, like, months (the "facemelt" and "twitchy" ones are especially awesome). They really describe my feelings.
  5. BlissfulPlugInBaby
    11-01-2013 03:08 AM
    Oh gosh, sorry for SUCH a late reply! I've been sick with the flu for all of January!
    So how've you been?
    Hope your Christmas was good! Mine was fantastic! I got tons of cash, clothes, iTunes gift cards, a blu ray player, a new iPod/CD player, several books I'd been wanting for quite awhile, and some "Muse money" for a little shopping spree for some epic Muse t-shirts and such!! It was so sweet of my mom because months ago, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said "Muse money" and then when I got to my last gift this year, I opened up a little box filled with cash and a little paper inside that said, "Muse money!" It was so cool.
    So what did you get for Christmas?
    Also, how was your New Year's Eve? Did you do anything for it? My New Year's Eve was totally awesome! I went to a couple of laid-back parties and for the rest of it I just listened to The 2nd Law on repeat!!
    So yeah, the rest of 2012 was fantastic for me! But then I woke up on January 1st with the flu, and everything went downhill from there. :P
    Hope 2013 has been much better for you than it's been for me so far and that you've had a great Christmas!!
  6. BlissfulPlugInBaby
    25-12-2012 06:08 PM
    Hey!! I'm sorry I haven't had time to reply to your last message yet, but I will soon! But today I just wanted to say Merry Christmas!!
  7. Princess of Promise
    09-12-2012 01:34 PM
    Princess of Promise
    Oh I will

    not really
  8. Princess of Promise
    06-12-2012 01:23 AM
    Princess of Promise
    not yet
  9. Princess of Promise
    05-12-2012 03:25 AM
    Princess of Promise

    I feel so useful now
  10. Princess of Promise
    04-12-2012 02:54 AM
    Princess of Promise

    Had to, sorry

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