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  1. Musoliasla
    10-01-2011 01:56 PM
    Wooo for strangeness!! ahaa!
    Ahhh haha, that's awesome!! That would be my mum speaking to him!!
  2. Musoliasla
    23-11-2010 08:05 AM
    Hahah, yesss!! But that's part of the reason why we love himm!!!! Cos he is just sooo lovely!!!!
    Awwww, bless youu!!!! Poor thing! I just looked at your avi then and thought it looked like you would as in the almost crying. Just try not to imagine that, I never do, and I have some whacky dreams!! Ever imagined Chris in a cactus suit?
  3. Musoliasla
    04-11-2010 11:15 PM
    Wooo! Yus I was! I was stood right beside the centre stage where they came out too! So was really quite happy, they were like a metre away from me smiling!! yeeey!
    He thinks that? He is!!! I hate how some people on here get so moody though, not to me, but you see in threads, nope, never going to play old songss, they have forgotten them, they won't relearn it, it's like.. okay then... O.0

    Haha, of course Dom didn't actually stop him either, just laughed!! xD Was funny, the crowd weren't exactly complaining either Wooo! Haha!
    Yeeah! Lovely view of the back when he was clothed too, his suit was so tight was funny, I have the view on video!
    Noop, we got the signature Dom speech, we were all so chuffed when he speak, cos no one expects it! Because he's so shy! Was awesome!
    Me toooo!!! I have to meet them! I have to speak to them, and wave! So shy, I would muck it up! But still!!!!
    You are the third person today to mention their death today! Lmao, it's depressing! xD I would have no life with Muse, Muse is a way of life, and a lifestyle.
    I tweeted you back! Woo!!
  4. Musoliasla
    03-11-2010 12:48 PM

    You aren't a noob!!! Seen them twice, this year and the year before, although I have missed them twice before I saw them last year!! was so annoyed! But, I feel lucky, apparently at Manchester, we got the best setlist! It was fantastic! We got like everything but MK Ultra and Bliss, all the Showbizy stuff and the never playing live stuff!
    This is what we got anyway http://jacksmusic.wordpress.com/2010...ground-review/
    Dom threw in his drumsticks to the crowd after Matt threw in his blue glasses! Then Chris through in his harmonica as well! All on the opposite side to me though! Bit Chris threw me a glow stick after haha!
    Aaaaand, on the way off stage, Matt unzipped Dom's space suity thing, and we saw a bit of him bum O.0 my mum couldn't though, cos she is really cant see distances! xD Matt also said to the crowd how muse.mu should change to citizenerased.com and made a few jokes!
    Your first Muse concert, is amazing!!! I promise you, get to the next one!!! Will be amazing!!!!
    Yeahhh!!! When I get home though, can't get on twitter in school It's rubbish!! Mine's just Liv_Winstanley xD how original, haha!

    Yesss O.0 I want a hug! And damnit, I will get it!
  5. Musoliasla
    30-10-2010 10:18 PM
    Yess! Exactly, love it!
    Yeeah we do! ;D woo! Yes!! I agree with you so much!! It's brilliant!

    I think that the guys just want to join in and jump around tbh!! All the guys near me at the concert were going crazyy! Haha! Almost deafened me when Dom was near!!
    AllI know is that you add @ in front of people you want to leave a message for, you retweet to show what soomeone has said, but show it to your followers! I'm sure loads of people on here are twitter maniacs! What's your name on it?
    Wait for the good news, and see how to find them.. so after you have got your plane hear.. we can begin to track them down haha!
  6. Musoliasla
    29-10-2010 09:04 PM
    And we all love the inner Matt! Yeah!! :/ but he comes before the music! We love him too as well as the music!! I know, it's even like we feel sad for him, through listening to his music, his songs are so personal! Why more people can relate to them as it is!

    Oh yess! Especially when they play up to it! Haha! Makes me laugh, it is so adorable! Oh yeeeah! Very good point!! Woo! Let's go find them then!!
    I do yes... but.. I don't really know how to use it much!! Bit crap on it! I just check up on what other people are doing
  7. Musoliasla
    26-10-2010 05:55 PM
    I have no idea, I would have been happy enough with him.. haha! He is, yes! I think it's cute it shows how playing in large crowds really opens him up! Makes him more at home!
    Me too! Cos if he is happy with her, it will kill him if she leaves him!

    No not really hehe! Matt is like his wife.
    Oh he is indeed I agree!
    Yeeeah, just make it seem completely normal We should have piggy back races would be awesome! It is a normal thing to do, a lot of fun... why nott? Haha!!
  8. Musoliasla
    26-10-2010 01:43 AM
    Seeing pictures of them, they look real happy. But it has apparently been quoted that she is bored of the relationship because he doesn't speak enough to others and her friends?
    Yeeah! Truue! Haha.

    Ohhh that was awful!! hahaa! I don't see him as a stturdy relationship guy yet, but with Chris & Matt in relationships may change that.. I don't know I doubt he could Dom is hilarious! He's so his own person!
    Me too!
    I should hope so!! Aww, I'd look after him well. I don't know why, but I'd just have the urge for a piggyback haha, funn!

  9. Musoliasla
    25-10-2010 02:37 AM
    She has messed people round in the past, I just believe that some people crush too hard on Matt, and become obsessed and then of course don't like her.
    That is a very good point! Dom will be with them both anyways! Aww poor Dom on his own :O I will look after him haha!

    Yeah! exactly! They just saw how you react to something! It's cool You feel cool when you use them haha!
  10. Musoliasla
    23-10-2010 05:28 PM
    Woooo! Haha! Yeah! I totally agree!

    Ahhh, makes sense! High five!
    Me tooo! It's because they are awesome! I shall love it too!! ^^
    I think to be honest, what ever makes him happy! It improves his performance as well, he has more confidence! You can see it in him, he seems to be so happy!

    Haha I have to take mine out half the time, I use to many, but it shows what you think more I think

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