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  1. SomeRandomPerson
    08-06-2009 02:41 AM
    yes, that's the most important thing. It's a good thing I have such wonderful friends and a great family, otherwise I probably would've killed myself, no joke.

    aww I'm sorry your boss is a douchebag. My manager, well one of them is a doucher too...welll two of them, but I can't say anything about it really cuz I'd get written up or fired wooooo.

    At least my general manager, the one that can fire the rest, is good. He's fun and hilarious but can be a jerk, too. but hell he's young so naturally he's going through about the same experiences as most of us young folk, but for the ,most part I've never seen him yell at anyone. I've seen him catch an attitude (he caught one at me once when I first started and he's lucky I didn't kill him), I've seen him depressed, and pretty much every other emotion except really sad, and really angry. The other managers could learn a thing or two from him
  2. SomeRandomPerson
    08-06-2009 02:25 AM
    pretty much everything that could go wrong....went wrong. It was the longest and worst day at work ever period. Even for a summer day. I worked morning shift and it was at least a 9 and a half, ten hours work shift. We ran out of everything everything. Popcorn bags, nachos (and we made like 27, 28 of them and we ran out within like the first few hours which is amazing because we never sell that many), we ran outta icee cups, ice (we didn't really get a chance to get ice in our bins so an hour or so later an usher had to get ice for us), we ran outta cups and combo tubs and candy. it was a night mare. we were rushed badly from 12pm to to the time we left. it was not fun. All the customers decided to be major douchebags that day, or extremely dumb, or just interrupt me when I spoke, and what's the deal with them? What is like, their money cursed or something? They just can't hand you the money, they leave it on the counter right in front of them and just make you reach for their money and they do the same to their cards. they keep on and I'll just take their money and look at them crazy and if they ask why I haven't gotten their food I'll tell them "well you made me reach to get your money instead of handing it to me, so I figured you should make your own food." God if only I was allowed to say half the shit that pops into my head at work.

    then when I finally get off work, I decide that since it's my birthday and since my day has been shit, I should treat myself to some delicious chocolate cake from Ruby Tuesdays (it's the double chocolate cake with the hot fudge in the center, it's delicious and comes with ice cream) so I wait forever and a day and they finally bring me my order (and I had to order from the bar so you know I was wishing I was old enough to drink cause ma God I coulda used something.) When I go sit in the theater and wait for my mom and sister to join me, I start to eat it, but when I open the container I find that the damn cake is still cold!! Dx luckily for Ruby my job has a microwave, but even luckier for them I was just so pissed off and upset that day that I didn't have to energy nor was I in the mood to wait for them to possibly fuck it up again...so I did it myself and it was fine. the day got a bit better after that and then when I got home, and yea I was expecting it to be nice and peaceful, my sister decides to give me lip when I tell her to take her ass to bed and let Richelle sleep, I didn't say those exact worse of course, but my God I wanted to choke that girl that day. She's always pushing me towards the edge, but since mom said I can't draw blood, I don't do anything but tell her to calm the fuck down before I put her down for good. can't do much else except wait for the day she pushes me over the edge and I put her down for good. but anyway after that little falling out and her stupid teenage outburst "everything's so unfair and everyone's trying to control me blah blah blah" my day got a bit better when I came to the boards and read the messages, and also a friend sent me a gift on Gaia. that made my day, and then they gave me a walmart card and a home made birthday card (my family) ^^ they all were the highlight of my horrible birthday. so thnx again. ^^
  3. SomeRandomPerson
    08-06-2009 01:35 AM
    unfortunately I didn't. But today was fantastic! In truth the best part of my birthday was when I watched land of the lost with my family and I read my messages hereon the boards!

    so thanks.
  4. SomeRandomPerson
    07-06-2009 07:56 PM
    thank you for wishing me a happy birthday yesterday!
  5. liberty
    20-05-2009 07:12 AM
    Audrey! Thank you so much for going through great lengths to meet up in Manila!

    Here's a set of photos I took while I was in the Philippines:

    And our pics of the two of us:
  6. paraluman
    16-05-2009 07:35 AM
    Hey! (belated) thanks for the greeting. i haven't been on this site for the longest time.
  7. liberty
    30-04-2009 08:43 AM
    Yeah tomorrow. Ah shucks, it's okay. That actually kind of works out because we ended up going to SM today and we're meeting up with a relative tomorrow. It looks like I'm staying in Manila for a few days after I come back from Iloilo in a couple weeks (May 11-ish). I'll call you around that time.
  8. liberty
    25-04-2009 10:07 AM
    Hey Audrey! Whereabouts in Manila do you live? Cris brought up the idea of us possibly meeting up. I'm leaving for Manila next Tuesday.
  9. liberty
    20-03-2009 06:22 AM
    Oh okay, that might be something we'd like to check out. Thanks!
  10. liberty
    20-03-2009 02:30 AM
    Random question... what are some neat things to do in Manila? I know about Luzon Park and the Manila Zoo already. Not sure how much has changed since I've been there 12 years ago. And you guys have the subway/train thing now right?

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