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  1. wedding_king
    06-03-2012 08:48 PM
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  2. Musoliasla
    16-10-2010 11:46 PM
    I like your little icon, cuute! ^ ^
  3. coolaries1
    07-03-2010 10:18 PM
    ahhh no problem ...how are you?
  4. Cate_Fernandes
    22-02-2010 09:16 PM
    Hi there. You're welcome
  5. Morinphen
    06-01-2010 11:37 PM
    Ah,the famous "letīs cram as much as possible the night before".Hated by everyone,yet we all rely on it most of the time.I still remember when I swore in my last school years to study a bit every day.I still remember how I literally studied the Art "isms"the night before the final exam.Text exams can be fickle if you donīt have a general idea of what youīll be asked about,so be very careful!

    I still remember those days in which no one really knew what would happen with Audioslave.The magazine I read called the band "Cornell/RATM" until the very last minute.I also think RATM are better than Audioslave,yet I consider they were a fairly good band,especially in their first two albums (the ones I listened to in full ).

    Can you think of a better way of finish this message by saying..."may the Master be with you" and encouraging you to do your homework/study by going all French and exclaim,"allons-y!"?
  6. Morinphen
    06-01-2010 03:02 AM
    I donīt mind lending my stuff to my school partners,no matter if I know them or not.Some people would say thatīs not fair,as theyīre taking advantage of me,but I just treat them the way Iīd like to be treated.Because Iīm also a lazy student....whern it comes to study,because I feel I have to attend to every lecture as itīs my duty.Okay,studying is also my duty,but Iīve always been that kind who easily remembers what has been lectured.
    My mother is the one who needs to buy new clothes after having recovered from her illness.As with you,my grandparents led her some money,but she refuses to go shopping.
    Funny to see how John Simm thinks Tennant is "his"Doctor.But I think I understand his reasons.For example,I used to be a huge fan of Backstreet Boys.I could go and see them every time they come here,but I donīt plan to do it:their music has changed AND Kev left the band,so theyīre a different band in my eyes and ears.
  7. Morinphen
    04-01-2010 11:13 PM
    Right now Iīm sending some Literature notes to a partner by scanning them,one by one.Twelve pages full of names and stuff about the Enlightment.I havenīt skipped a single class so far,but last year I skipped Writing four times because of various reasons:exploring the library,feeling sick.watching a film and...well,not wanting to cope up with the teacher.
    I hope you remember that thought about the Master one of these days...

    Iīm supposed to get some presents in two days.If everything goes well,I might get some videogames and clothes.But chocolate is such an awesome present! Iīm thinking about giving a friend a bag full of popcorn.
    I donīt know if itīs canon or not,but letīs pretend it is,so the Master is alive and well.At least for us.
  8. Morinphen
    03-01-2010 07:49 PM
    I suppose they couldnīt "afford" to spare the cliffhangers and dead ends.If things go well,weīll have a couple of Doctors more,so we/they still need some plotlines to "fill in the gaps".
    More than being reborn,Iīd dare to say heīs Rassilon at his evilest,who,at a certain point of the War,dared to break his own timeline,interfering in "this" or "theirs".Of course,that happened because some Time Lord did the same before,in hopes of winning the war thanks to him.

    If the Time Lords returned to the Time Lock,The Master could have escaped,since he didnīt belong there initially.But,as he stayed next to them,he could have been sucked into the so called Void.In a third explanation,the Master could have ended up in a limbo.
  9. Morinphen
    03-01-2010 04:54 PM
    For one moment I thought she was really her mother due to the way the Doctor looked at her,but from a certain point of view she could be Susan as well,but thatīd be a bit far fetched (even more!).I read the credits at least two times,and sheīs credited as "the woman".
    I was a bit shocked when he was called Rassilon.My theory? I think this is something similar to The Legend Of Zelda.In the videogame Adventure of Link,it is stated that every Hylian princess is named Zelda after the one from the legend.I reckon this is something similar-and it links a bit with that guyīs theory-. this (and,therefore,every)Lord President is named Rassilon after the legendary one.
    My guess? They wanted us to go nuts just by doing a simple nod to good old Rassilon.
    As for the Master,it is supposed that he vanishes along with Rassilon and the other Time Lords,but it could be otherwise as well,as he could have escaped.As my father pointed out,"by that rule,The Doctor should have vanished as well".
  10. Morinphen
    02-01-2010 09:44 PM
    I donīt know whether I like the show or not,as itīs the first time I watch it.,but it looked funny and I had nothing to do.
    Speaking about DW...who was the woman? His mother?

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  • About Alies
    My hobbies are writing stories and drawing portraits.
    Student/amateur author
    I'm a dutch girl. Since that age of 11 I want to be an author in the future. Next to that I love drawing portraits of my idols.
    Favourite Bands
    Rage Against The Machine, Muse, POD, Audioslave, Angels & Airwaves, Genesis, The Who, Robert Palmer... and some more.
    Favourite Films
    My first movielove was The Matrix (how I discovered RATM). I used to love Johnny Depp movies, but now I just 'like' them. In general I like drama, romance.
    Favourite TV Shows
    Ghost Whisperer. Doctor Who! Torchwood. Life on Mars <3
    Favourite Books
    I completely loved Jane Eyre of Charlotte Brontë; De engelenmaker of Stefan Brijs;
    Muse Releases Owned
    Showbizz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Hole and Revelations, Resistance and Hullabaloo. And a Poster. And ofcourse a Resistance Tour Tshirt
    Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    14-11-09; 19-06-10
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    The act or instance of judging something trivial or worthless

    14-11-09 - Rotterdam, the Netherlands, MUSE

    09-06-10 - Arnhem, the Netherlands, RATM

    19-06-10 - Nijmegen, the Netherlands, MUSE

    Co-founder and webmaster of the Simmgrin Project

    eurasia-art on DeviantArt


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