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looking for lolz

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  1. MissOrange94
    27-05-2011 04:09 AM
    I hope you're ok... haven't seen you around lately
  2. MissOrange94
    09-05-2011 04:14 AM
    Hey, where ya been?
  3. syzygy
    09-10-2010 06:10 PM
    You know, MMers who only stay in the MM section?
    set lists don't count. that's just a bunch of whining. I mean, like a discussion? You know that thing where you discuss a band instead of putting them up on a holy pedestal?

    I have no problem with you guys thinking "lolz" is funny, but when you go out of your way to insult our humor, then you have some coming at you. I enjoy the Caption Thread very much; I wouldn't have a problem with "lolz" if you guys toned it down on the rude jokes. A few gay jokes, not really cool but it happens, a few pedo jokes, alright whatever some people find it funny; but when you guys overdo it, it's plain out insulting.
  4. syzygy
    09-10-2010 07:00 AM
    Originally Posted by Trilateral_Symmetry_Com'n. View Post
    ...he says, using all-caps. Maybe you should breathe into a paper bag for a couple of minutes.

    I didn't have an issue with your attitudes towards Muse in that Yorke thread; on the contrary; there was no Muse content/relevance in it, so it was out of place. As for criticizing Muse, that's generally something that MainMusers have no difficulty or problem with, either posting or reading. BTW, what do you think this lolz thread is all about? [Usually gentle] mockery of our musical heroes, that's what. Getting back to the Yorke thread, I didn't find the joke funny or original, but rest assured I did get the intended joke... as my post made clear. But whether the joke was funny or not, it still belonged in the Radiohead thread, and that was my main (and unassailable) point.

    As for the "pedo" reference and "all of the other sick, twisted humor you keep coming up with," is that a reference to us lolzers collectively, or to me personally? Because, you bright bulb, I wasn't the creator of the so-called pedo lolz.
    My bad, I thought I was speaking your language. I can't breathe into a paper bag...the fibers in the bags could get caught in my esophagus and I could choke! Are you implying that I should kill myself? Cyberbully!

    ...do you get humor? Like real humor, not gay-humor. Not everything here has to be "Muse lolzy" or "srs". There's a thing called humor, perhaps you should invest in some?
    So you're saying that MMers criticize Muse? I have not seen one post by a legit MMer that has anything negative toward Muse.
    Mockery and rude humor have a major difference. Grant it, some things in "Lolz" are giggle-worthy, but for the most part...not so much. I try to be as open-minded as I can at all times, so I can see the general direction of where the humor comes from, but I don't find it funny or original.

    I'm a bright bulb? Thank you
    and no, I wasn't referencing only you, but you do have a large participation in it, yes?
  5. syzygy
    09-10-2010 06:44 AM
    Hello dahlin. I decided that we should continue this conversation here.
    What I said last:
    Dude, you srsly need to calm down we were just having a laugh, because every time "Banterers" try and put input on the MainMuse threads, we're always attacked with "MUSE CAN DO NO WRONG!1111!!!!!!".

    I'm a huge fan of Muse, but I understand that they aren't perfect, and sometimes they can be shit because they're freaking human beings. And I don't find it "lolzy" to have Dom and Matt "gay" for each other, Matt being a pedo, and all of the other sick, twisted humor you keep coming up with.

    This board is supposed to be about making friends and discussing music, but you lot keep making b33f with the people who disagree with you.


  6. Gigapoodle
    09-10-2010 06:30 AM
    The only 'factual' argument I have against you is that I've seen no such instances of this supposed 'bullying', otherwise yes, it's just a conflict of interest.

    Like someone on the LOLZ thread said, some people (including me) do not think your jokes are particularly funny. If people do, more power to them! But it seems you are being a bit arrogant about the fact that people think a joke was funny, but since you didn't get it it's immediately stupid. I also fail to see what mean-spirited insults you are talking about, save mine.
  7. Gigapoodle
    09-10-2010 06:20 AM
    Erm, wow

    Way to turn something that wasn't really that big of an issue into a target for Banter. You're a fun person, aren't ya? We were just trying to have a little fun, I honestly see no harm in that, it's closed anyway. And cyberbullying? Aren't you being a little drastic?

    You're unbelievable arencha.
  8. .BleedTheSame.
    26-05-2010 10:46 PM
    I love your lolz and we're going to the same gig in the fall so I just thought I'd say hi ?
  9. coolaries1
    18-04-2010 02:44 AM
    hmmmmm how are you?
  10. coolaries1
    14-04-2010 08:07 PM
    wow nice albums ....hahaha they are a classic

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