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  1. miss_meadows
    14-09-2010 09:36 AM
    B&H was indeed awesome on Friday! I guess, that was my favourite on Friday, together with New born. I still love NB and I thin, I always will, lol.
    The Big Pink were just weird, had never heard of them before. There were some guys next to me who told me that the only good song was "Dominoes". Well, they were almost right, wouldn't call that song good but it was less annoying than the rest.
    So did your Dad enjoy the gig as well? My Dad used to love music like T.Rex and other 70s rock bands from Britain but nowadays he doesn't really listen to any music anymore. Quite weird and also a bit sad.
    I'm actually thinking about going to a Biffy gig in Glasgow. I just love them and I've always wanted to travel to Scotland. My Portuguese friend would love to do it as well. I'd only do this for Muse and Biffy, though, and only because I love Britain, lol.
  2. miss_meadows
    13-09-2010 10:03 PM
    Oh yes, we also enjoyed the inflated condoms flying around, lol! We had some white balloons. The free drinking water was really great, the security handed it to us regularly at the barrier! I've never seen that at any gig in Germany.
    I think, my favourite songs were definitely CE, RBS, and Bliss! That guy who used my pink hat to find his mates was funny, he waved it around over his head and called his mate telling him "You see that shocking pink hat? That would be me!" I was like "Hey, don't insult my pink hat!"
    On Friday they played NSC and IBTY, I kinda liked IBTY live. The support bands were pretty bad, though (The big pink and some rabbits band). Lily Allen was surprisingly bearable.
  3. miss_meadows
    13-09-2010 03:22 PM
    I had entrance M/N tickets, my friend (she's Portuguese) had A/B and another friend (Scottish) had G. So e were all in different queues and only met up for grabbing food or coffee at Mc Donald's from time to time. Then we had to meet up inside, my pink hat was quite useful, lol! If you saw a pink hat in the air it was me waving it, or the guy standing next to us who used it to find his friends as well. But I'm not sure if I'll do that crazy queuing thing again, I stopped feeling my bum after 3 hours... There was a guy wearing a huge banana costume in our M/N queue, quite funny.
  4. miss_meadows
    13-09-2010 09:46 AM
    LOL, my whole body hurts and I have a few bruises, I let the security pull me out before the encore, it was mental at the barrier... Yes, the atmosphere was much better at the 2nd gig!!! Incredible! On Saturday my friend and me were queuing from 10am on, the atmosphere there was already really good, people exchanging food, talking and walking around (people were saving other people's places in the queue, lol). I have to say that concerts are so much better in the UK, the organisation is much better and you seem to be really crazy about music which is cool! I'm still all hyper about it!
    I saw several green trousers, lol! I was wearing a black biffy shirt and blue jeans, I also had a pink hat to wave and find my 2 scottish friends but they couldn't come to to the barrier. Some other guys used my pink hat to find their friends as well. My pink hat is quite famous now, lol.
  5. miss_meadows
    12-09-2010 09:13 PM
    So how did you like the gig? I loved it so much!!! Mafalda and I were at the barrier in front of that weird Ufo platform. CE, RBS and Bliss, yay!!!
    We also loved Biffy and annoyed some weird Germans next to us, they covered their ears during Biffy, we weren't sure if they hated Biffy or our shouting/singing.
    Wasn't impressed of I am arrows at all, White Lies were okay.
    Now I need to sleep a bit...
  6. miss_meadows
    08-09-2010 07:02 PM
    I read "The road" as well! There's also a movie but I haven't seen it yet.
    Thanks, yes, exactly, it's "Crossfire", I really really like it.
    Well, so now I'm already wishing you a safe trip to London and lots of fun at the gig!!!
  7. miss_meadows
    08-09-2010 01:30 PM
    Oh, I have to listen to Brandon Flowers' solo album somehow! I like Julian Casablancas' solo album a lot, much better than the Strokes albums to be honest. I heard one song of Flowers' solo album on the radio and liked it. So yes, tomorrow I'll go on a little shopping tour in London! I'll have to get up early and catch my train to Berlin at 7:44, my plane to London leaves at 12:20. So after getting my huge bag to my hotel I'll explore the town (the shops, I mean).
    Last night I finally watched "A clockwork orange" and it's really good! Very dark and mean but with a great message about our society. I want to look for the book now. I don't really like science fiction but those classic dystopia novels are often quite good, I really like "Brave new world" and "1984".
    Oh, I have to pack my bag, I've managed to throw some jeans into it on my way to the notebook. I just shouldn't put too much pressure onto myself, otherwise I'll just throw myself back onto the couch. I'm so lazy, lol.
  8. miss_meadows
    07-09-2010 01:38 PM
    LOL, so I'll look out for green trousers, maybe I'll see you and wave. But who knows, there could be many people wearing those rainbow colour trousers.
    Yes, White Lies have that typical Depeche Mode sound. I do like some of their songs, also some Editors songs but it's not my favourite kind of music. I wouldn't listen to their albums at home, but some songs are good. One of my friends loves all of that "EBM" music, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk and all that stuff, not really my cup of tea either, but some songs are nice. But there's just nothing like good rock music, lol.
    There's a huge construction site right in front of our building now, they start working around 7am every morning, the noise stops around 5pm. Oh the fun. Last night we didn't have any warm water, so I had to take a cold shower. I have no idea what they're doing, I just see them digging big holes and drinking beer. I just hope, we'll have warm water again this evening.
  9. miss_meadows
    06-09-2010 07:13 PM
    Oh no, but what will you do when it's raining? Your sneakers won't have a chance and you'll experience a shoe-boat incident. I've decided to wear my boots, probably jeans and some t-shirt, I'll take a hoodie with me just in case.
    I've changed some money today, I'm already getting excited about my London trip! Tomorrow I'll finally watch A clockwork orange with my friend, she found the DVD behind her bed. Oh my, she's also missing some of her pupils' essays, I told her to look under her carpet. That woman is just mad, she loses everything and finds her stuff againin the funniest places. Her flat is the Bermuda Triangle, one day we'll find her landlord in one of her closets.
    I'm waiting for the dark roots in Simon's hair, they have to appear soon, please... But the pink trousers were funny, badass. You should check out their albums, they're great.
    I only know one or 2 songs by White Lies, they're okay. I've never heard of I Am Arrows, will look for them on youtube tonight.
  10. miss_meadows
    06-09-2010 01:15 PM
    Hey, how's the weather over there? I'm slightly getting paranoid, lol, it's so cold over here...but dry and sunny. I still don't know what to wear at the gig, sneakers or boots. Sneakers will be a nightmare when it's raining, so boots should be the safer option. Oh, those questions make my blond hair hurt already...
    Hey, I like The Killers as well, at least their first and second album. Still haven't listened to the recent album. "Hot fuss" is just great, haven't seen them live yet.
    Yes, you're a bit more polite, I think. With us Germans it's more like "I have an opinion and you'll get to hear it now, whether you like it or not!" LOL! Axl Rose? Mhm, he was never attractive, no hair dye could damage him any further, lol. But the Scottish Santa, well, it'll grow out.
    Got your uni application ready for the mail?

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