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What are the rules?
The full rules for the message board can be found here. A brief summary of them would be:
  • Don't be rude to people.
  • Don't use discriminatory language.
  • Engage with board staff about moderation matters via PMs instead of threads.
  • Don't spam and don't engage in off topic conversation in the Muse forums.
  • Don't share the band's music illegally in any way.
  • Do use NSFW tags and don't post adult material openly on the board.
  • Only have one account.
  • Respect the private lives of the band members.
  • Don't post fictional stories or false information about the band and matters concerning them.
We advise you to be familiar with the full rules of the board that you agree to follow by using the message board.

Who are the mods and admins and what do they do?
The moderators (mods) and administrators (admins) are the message board staff who voluntarily run the board.

Mods are users who are authorised to edit, close and remove threads as well as ban users and issue infractions (see below). Each forum has a number of leading moderators who you should address with matters about that forum.

The admins have the same abilities and roles as mods, but additionally have control over things like creating new forums, changing user names and the more technical aspects of running the message board. Like mods, the admins lead particular forums, but can also be addressed with issues regarding the whole message board. The users with admin powers include the band's managers and even the band themselves, however the only admins that have an active role in running the message board are Miss Blee and Niall.

The mods and admins leading each forum can be found at the bottom of the forum page, or on the Forum Leaders page from the bottom of the message board index. While each forum has specific leaders, moderators and admins rarely act alone in decisions regarding any forum, as well as the issuing of warnings, infractions and bans, and instead work as a team to keep the message board running smoothly. While each mod and admin lead particular forums, they have the ability to moderate any forum, and because they work as a team, do.

WTF are infractions?
Here we operate an infraction system for dealing with rule breaks/misbehaviour across the forum. Each infraction carries a point value and if a user is to accumulate sufficient points they will receive an automatic ban. The infractions correspond to the rules of the board. There are two kinds of infractions a user can receive:
A Warning - this carries a point value of 0 and receiving one cannot result in a ban. These are used to remind users of the rules when we think they may accidentally breaking them.
An Infraction - this has a varying point value dependant on the severity of the action and accumulating these points can result in an automatic temporary ban. These infractions last a specific period of time (varying again on severity) and once this time period has expired the user will no longer have the points.

The time period an infraction lasts and the point values that equate to bans are just for staff knowledge and may change at any time. Typically a user can have a couple of minor infractions before they are liable to receive a ban. The time period an infraction lasts tend to be longer than the ban lengths, so if you've just come back from an infraction ban you are likely to be just one infraction away from a further ban. Permanant bans are only issued when users continue to ignore infractions for extended periods of time.

If a warning or infraction has been issued against a post all users will be able to see it represented by a yellow (warning) or red (infraction) card in the bottom right of the post.

Can I have my username changed?
In rare circumstances we will allow a user to have their username changed. However, we expect the changed name to be that user's permanent name and namechanges are not to be done on a whim. Therefore we would never expect a user to have more than 1 namechange in a 12 month period. Please do not register new accounts to get around this. To request a namechange please send a private message to Miss Blee. Please do not leave namechange requests on her profile.

Can I have my undertitle changed?
Undertitles can be changed by the user on the 1st of the month every month. They can be changed in the user control panel.

How can I join the Muse mailing list?
To join the mailing lists please fill in the forms in your user cp found here. If you are neither from the UK or the US we advise you join the UK mailing list.

How can I delete my account?
To have your account deleted an administrator must delete it on your behalf. In our experience the vast majority of deletion requests are not required so we do recommend prior to requesting deletion you do just consider logging out. To request a deletion please email board@muse.mu. Deletions will only be done on accounts with very limited recent activity. If you have been using the board regularly prior to your deletion request we will ask that you don't sign in for 30 days and then email us for the deletion. Please note that once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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