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  1. Nadia1234
    22-01-2010 01:15 PM
    no manwich for you if only I was a genius, but *sigh* I'm not

    yeah same here, you just know what to write, its once you get the intro out the way, you know what you have to write about

    you can have ho down I can see the humor in it, I guess yay you like spongebob! I think its hilarious awww well you should wait for that perfect box, don't rush into it!

    OMGGGGGGGGGG I SO AGREE, I want to kill it! I do farking everything it says exactly, but it doesn't work grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    well thats good, wooop
  2. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    22-01-2010 10:49 AM
    Yeah well either can I at the moment. Haha yeah that part foils a lot of plans.

    Mmm yeah I hate that, happens to me quite a bit but once I'm a role it's all good

    Haha fine. Everytime I see Go Nads it makes me laugh. Haha go Spongebob I love that show. Yes I am, been searching around the neighbourhood but you know nothing I've seen stands out

    Ooooh awesome, but the wireless internet thing is so annoying seriously everything should work but it's not. So frustrating.

    Ah cool, actually it feels better now anyway so ... yay.
  3. Nadia1234
    22-01-2010 07:45 AM
    good one, I can't think of anymore well, now I will just have to somehow learn how to build these things

    yeah it is, just one of those ones that you just can't think of what to write

    hey, no using shindig in bogan examples! yeah me either with go nads, just when people want to annoy me or I'll buy a plasma screen tv for the box! Like spongebob Really! I'll have to hop to it, are you planning on buying a box in the not too distant future?

    yeah it is, soooo pretty! I love it, though we can't get the wireless internet working

    ahh that sounds best. Swimming's alright I think
  4. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    22-01-2010 02:35 AM
    Haha aren't I. I just thought of another one too. After all this I might need a manicure. Haha I don't like the sound of this.

    Hmmm sounds quite difficult.

    Yeah I can imagine that too, 'Shazza and Bazza are havin a shindig, bring the grog'. Ah yeah good idea. Indeed oh well atleast I don't get called it very often anyway. Yep, look behind the dumpsters for when people throw out tv boxes. You'll ahve to be quick though , I hear the buyers market for boxes is very high this time round

    Ah cool, was that the one you were supposed to get for your birthday or was it Christmas?

    Uhh I have no idea, I'll probably just rest it though. Even though I'm going swimming later today. Thanks
  5. Nadia1234
    22-01-2010 12:56 AM
    yes quite hahaha you're quite craftsmanlike matt I don't know, your doing well though damn, I'll have to invent some type of restraining device that is also contained in the virus we'll see

    haha maybe I should, the questions is "Does Aboriginal Spirituality have a place in contemporary Australia?" only 700 words

    I know, can just imagine some bogan going "SHAZZAAAAAAA!!" nahh don't think so mazza haha awesome, the posters are always in the most random places, next time I go to melbourne I will look haha it is funny, though its pretty annoying haha I've never though of door matt before, I think we can agree that words before names are annoying Yeah me too, maybe I'll get one

    yeah well its not doing it now, the mouse has been screwed for ages, should be getting my laptop today so maybe I'll get a new mouse

    awww no What do you do if you have a pulled muscle, just rest it? hope it feels better.

  6. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    21-01-2010 11:29 PM
    Mhmm it's all good then. Haha ofcourse, it was man-made after all . I wonder for how long I can keep comming up with man words. Hahaha funny I was just thinking as I was reading that - couldn't I just walk away. Pretty clever idea but it'll never work on me -Anti-Twilight Matt .

    Haha maybe you should watch Bran Nue Dae then and somehow link into the essay

    Mazza and Shazza sound like those typical bogan names. Nazza would be funny though. Yeah it's awesome, funny I was actually gonna buy it off ebay but then I saw it and it was slightly cheaper too. I guess the early bird does catch the Muse poster. LOL!! Haha Go Nads. Aww I'm sorry that's just too funny not to laugh at!! I guess I've been called Door Matt before. What lovely people. I know I mean a house isn't transportable, I wish I had a box to live in.

    What? That's really weird . Is it fixed now?

    Ah okay, yeah I woke up this morning and it was still as sore as yesterday. I know and most of them have really complex names!

    Haha yep you can't argue with that
  7. Nadia1234
    21-01-2010 10:55 AM
    yes I understand completely matt well it is well deserved, make sure you make it extra manly maybe, maybe well then how about I make a virus, when you open this email (I'll title it with something to do with muse) twilight plays, you can't turn off the computer, or can't make any other commands, you'll be forced to watch it (unless you leave the computer )

    good then hahaha yeah, should have done it before school finished, so lazy yeah it is pretty much like that, on aboriginal spirituality, I'm ceebzing, done so much stuff on that subject.

    okay matty it is, though I might chuck in the old mazza just for kicks No matty, thats silly, why would it be Nazza? awesomeee I love that that one, wanted it for ages. ahh I shall look if I can find it. he is amazing . some like to put "Go" before nads, lovely yerppp! Yes thats it, Box 1, House 0. Yeah it was weird, this silly pathetic house next to the magnificent box!

    yess, and my mouse keeps doing right click on left click, I wrote a whole bloody reply and couldn't post it because of the constant right click

    nawww, yeah your right its the hamstring, that is painful as to hurt, hopefully it hasn't been pulled haha there are so many muscles, too hard to remember all of them.

    well what do ya know it's a pretty awesome conversation!
  8. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    21-01-2010 07:28 AM
    Well you know umm ... taking care of business . Exactly, I think I'll just make me a manwich right about now. Haha is that a threat?. Plenty have tried but all have failed, it'll never happen

    Okay then I'm ready for it. Blahh haha, 'supposed to' or 'should have'? Would that be like an English essay kinda?

    Haha yeah I'm fine with Matty ... lol Mazza on the other hand. Would that make you Nazza? Umm it's the one with all the Muse Covers on it up to Invincible. I posted a picture of it in the Media thread, so happy I found it too. Haha he plays the Reverend guy. Indeed it will. Nads sounds funny as. Yeah I guess Nadia is short enough anyway. Haha I see, the convience of living in a box prevails again. I can just imagine that too, there's this massive house and then next to it is a box

    That's strange.

    Sooo tired after cricket training. I think I hurt my hamstring/thigh area. Seriously though which one is it, it's like the opposite side of the knee except higher. Haha and this is why I'm not doing sports physio.

    Hey 500 posts in this conversation!!
  9. Nadia1234
    21-01-2010 02:44 AM
    funny we don't even know what you'll be doing in that cubicle haha, okay, okay glitter pink it is haha of course, with as many 'man' words how can you not be one day matt, one day

    you have to be able too, the word must be repeated! thats good, I think I was supposed to do a religion essay

    ahhh I see, good nicknames, imma say matty as much as I can I often just put "azza" on the ends of people starting letters, my friend mary gets the worst of it, I pretty much just call her mazza or mazzhead all the time these days I guess you would be mazza too awesomeeee, which one is it? yeah thats what I thought it would be corny I've always loved geoffrey rush so I might still see it, on dvd though. you'll have to take out all your ninja skills uhhh I hate nads, it sounds so bad yeah those ones are pretty much the only variations you can put on the name, though I'm usually just nadia well one of them was in the box, and I was with the other in the house, though she bought the box closer to the house (its transportable ya' know?)

    wtf, my keyboard wouldn't go off caps for a bit there
  10. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    21-01-2010 12:48 AM
    Haha that'd be funny and of course the strange sounds comming from the cubicle. Haha eww not hot pink I like glitter pink. Hey anyone with a MAN bag and a MAN crush must be manly. Haha I was gonna avoid it anyway

    With great power comes great responsibilty, I'm not sure I can handle it Yeah I've finished everything though

    Yeah well I guess because there are heaps of Matt's at my school. I usually get called either by my last name, Matt, Matteh or even Matty Boy. No just Matty which is strange. Yeah it was pretty good fun though, got a Muse poster. Mmmm yeah it was okay I guess, some funny parts but kinda corny too. Yep it's a tough one, but I'll crack it. Haha Nads. I've only ever known one person named Nadia and well I couldn't really think of a nickname. Sounds awesome, did you sleep over in the box?

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