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  1. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    06-02-2010 12:23 PM
    Ah yeah I will try. School's made things so much more complicated though, recently I've just been whinging about everything which is probably a sign that I need to take a break soon. Sigh.... Oh that's awesome same with me actually. The sleep in makes it so much easier to get up for school. Umm sorta it's like one exam for tech free which is an exam without using calculators and then one exam for tech active which is calculator questions. Both count for the same amount though.

    Hmm ... I don't need to be forced in-to watching bad movies

    Yes I did know that, especially about his weight too.

    Yeah I guess but still it's pretty stupid that the teachers picked the cabins. So many different mismatches that could occur because the teachers don't know a thing about your friendship groups etc. Um we're going to Phillip Island which is only 2 hours away from Melbourne. Ah good thing that it was changed then.
  2. Nadia1234
    06-02-2010 11:53 AM
    ohh wow that sucks just make sure you do keep some free/fun time, otherwise you'll get overwhelmed really easily (I know I'm going too) yeah they are brilliant, though I have non in the middle of the day, I can either sleep in or leave early omggg 2 exams? is that just to fit in all the content or something?

    well jeeze matt, I need a map of your head, I just don't get your taste in movies at all

    yeah I did, lots of them, but I manbearpig took care of them, he's very sensitive you know? ohh well thats good then, otherwise I would just be swamped with the things!

    urgh that sucks. As if they didn't let you choose cabin's for year 12! but at least its pretty much night and morning. Where abouts you going for it? I was supposed to have camp first week back, have had each year in high school, but cause Australia day was on a tuesday we are having it term 2, handy cause I went to meet belldom and go to the BDO thursday Friday
  3. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    06-02-2010 11:39 AM
    Yep. Jesus there's so much rpessure this year that I had no idea about. I've given up playing cricket for the rest of the year just to keep up with things. Free's a great I just look forawrd to them so much during the week as they really break up your day. Uhh that sucks, I'm struggling in maths already and apparently there's gonna be 2 end of year exams for it!

    That was a good one. I don't want to know about it, the day that I watch it will be the day the earth get's sucked into a super massive blackhole.

    Ah how nice, did you get those wierd looks when you took it out for a walk? Ohh I dunno my fridge is pretty full of ostriches already but I guess the manbearpig will be happy to have them. Haha I can imagine that he is.

    I've got camp on Monday already. I have a bad feeling about it too because I don't really know anyone in my cabin
  4. Nadia1234
    04-02-2010 10:33 AM
    I know its just effin started thats good then, tomorrow I have a free at the end of the day omgggggg biology is going to be so hard, SOOOOO much stuff I need to know for that mammoth exam

    pfft I bet you don't even know what its about, have you even looked at the small print?

    me too

    yeah makes a bloody mess with them though! Yeah I did notice that, took him for a walk a couple of times, got 2 dogs for treats hmmh I don't know really, you could have them back if you want? I know manbearpig would appreciate it I've heard he's already becoming senile

    well I guess its only happened to me once haha.

    haha thanks, I love that bit
  5. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    03-02-2010 09:49 AM
    I know. Seriously it's really depressing knowing that there's so much of the year to go and so much work to get through!! Ah cool, I get Wednesday's half days off so that's pretty good for me I get to catch up with everything

    Haha yep. Thinks for a bit I have no fury I feel so much bliss that I haven't watched it

    I'm super serial about my box

    Ah good my manbearpig loves ostridges it's a real treat for him considering I'm trying to put him on a diet (he's getting pretty tubby if you didn't notice). So what are you gonna do with those spare ostridges? I know he does!! It's amazing how mr gore get's around.

    Haha that's never happened to me before. Oh that's awesome

    Nice avatar change! Haha
  6. Nadia1234
    03-02-2010 05:35 AM
    wtfffffffffffff lready?! that sucks so bad I haven't got anything due yet (apart from that religion thing) and its been nice having frees so it alright atm for me. But no doubt it'll get bad

    I love how they think about it literally, what someone would atchally be like stop containing your fury that you haven't watched it yet matt, come on

    haha I know, but for serial, the box is awesome

    I didn't give him his desert either, I think there is some left over ostridges in the fridge aww well its kinda un avoidable with the massive crate and load roars, but you tried your best, al has connections you know!

    yayyyyyyyyyy! thats awesome as. Its like in primary school when they did kris kringle, and you'd get a person you didn't wanna get, then they screw it up and re do it and you get a better one! I got a top locker, just one left
  7. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    02-02-2010 09:31 AM
    Sorry for the lateish reply been swamped with yr 12 work! I hate school so much right now

    Haha ah right I definately remember that bit. "Did you not hear me out there?!!". No way I have resistance to not watch it. And LOL at the break down in sadness bit.

    That's right
    Oh god that sounds pathetic when you put it that way.

    Ohh what! Bad manbearpig indeed, no desert for him! Ah good, that Al gore is awfully shifty I thought I made sure that he wouldn't follow it when I shipped it over.

    Haha yeah I probably got some weird looks from the locals 'this guy's such a tourist'. Gotta love it. I always have so much more respect for Melborune comming back from somewhere else

    Haha that's awesome.

    I'm so lucky, I got to school on monday and had a bottom locker but then at the end of the day so many people complained that people were swaping lockers that they assigned the lockers agian and I got a top!!. So what'd you end up getting?

  8. Nadia1234
    31-01-2010 11:24 AM
    its just before the jetsons mother falls from the sky and death comes yesums haha. Come on matt, your time is running out, before you break down in sadness that you haven't seen it yet that is.

    The vows you make are binding, you have to do everything you can not to break them
    we've gone from my friend living in a box, to the importance of choosing your box, to the demand of boxes, to the dangers of living with your man crush in a box to writing about the box like its a person or your spouse

    yeah, he didn't eat all of his cow carcass, bad manbearpig . Ummm I saw him peaking over the fence a couple of times, no outbursts though so that is lucky.

    yeah its got hell strange weather there. Awww awesome, how cool. I've never done that before, but I think it in my head haha. Yeah home sweet home lol.

    yesss it so was, heaps of people said they saw me on the monitors lots of times too

    ME TOOOOOOOO back to reality. I'm probably going to get a bottom locker cause I wasn't there for a couple of days.

  9. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    31-01-2010 02:20 AM
    Haha I honestly don't remember that part. Good ol' Al Gore. Definately not!! I have no undisclosed desires to watch it any time soon.

    I know. It's always been there for me and I'll always be there for it, I made a sacred vow to it the day I met it and I'm not going to break it

    Ah awesome

    Oh okay so the usual stuff then. That's good that everything went well then. Did mr Gore come by by any chance?

    Gahhh so jealous!!!! Cairns was good, weather was so weird though humid but raining. Snorkelling was really cool though, the fish we huge and they didn't mind it when you touched them. I also took pictures of the 'Muse' part everytime I saw a museum sign. Good to be back in Melbourne though

    Hahah I'm sure it was worth it though, I've seen some of the videos on youtube, soo amazing!!

    Back to school tommorow
  10. Nadia1234
    30-01-2010 01:57 AM
    good then, I'm doing it right Me too haha. Like that family guy episode "meet the guagmires", "with bush we didn't have flying cars that run on vegetable oil!" you know you want to see it matt, stop denying it

    yeah I mean, the box went through everything with you, the highs, the lows, but always stuck by you

    its all good now!

    yeah he got out a couple of times, had to call the pound. One of the workers was killed. But mostly he slept like a baby

    I know, I can't believe it either! I met dommeh too they are so nice. Thankyou awww matt, end of this year remember! how was cairns anyway?

    the bdo was so good, my friend and I waited on that barrier from 2, my feet hurt sosoosso by the end of it, but muse was amazing!

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