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  1. Nadia1234
    06-01-2010 08:45 AM
    yeah me too, its so annoying because FOX8 always play bloody season 1,2 and 3, can't bring myself to watch those episodes seen them soooo many times.

    yarrr I never do though, I just roll my eyes, so unsympathetic to people on reality shows yeah thats it, they are solely asking it just to make them cry hahaha the one gesture that can never go wrong ;p it is such a bad mtv show (all of them are bad) where the guy dates the girls mum and choses the girl based on what the mum is like they guys are usually total wankers, as are the women

    yeahhhh I get what ya mean, I would never say anything, at the end of haircuts I'm always like yeah thats good, all happy and I get in the car and look in the mirror and cry (happened once, was emotional that day ) nawwwww how sweet, sometimes I take them, I love giving money to buskers and people collecting for charities no it doesn't make you sound like a freak
  2. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    06-01-2010 08:29 AM
    Yep. I wonder when they'll play the 9th season on tv.

    Yeah exactly it just seems sappy and tries to make the audience feel sorry for the person. It's not even related to anything either. Yep good ol pat on the head, always helps cheer people up. Oh I know, just seems corny. I have never seen that show. It's never totally natural either, like you said with the camera there, there's always someone who puts on an act.

    . Haha I ah well. It's kinda awkward when people are nice but they did something slightly wrong (if that makes any sense). Makes you feel bad and you don't want to say anything either. I always feel sorry for the people that hand out things like in shopping centres. They're usually like brochures and stuff that no body wants but I usually take on anyway, I feel sorry that no one else takes them I like to think I've made their day. That actually makes me sounds like a freak haha, collecting useless brouchures
  3. Nadia1234
    06-01-2010 06:22 AM
    yeppppppp, they are the best. yes, of course

    Yeah I hate the scripted thing. And sometimes I watched so you think you can dance, when they where auditioning the judge would as them "so you mum died in 2005?"or something like that. WTFFF what does that have to do with anything??? If I was auditioning and that happened to me I would just get shitty nawww I'm imagining a *pats head* haha yeah I fricken hate masterchef,and don't you hate it how everybody just LOVES the mums, ohhh how sad she misses her kids yeah its all scripted, I was watching Date my mum worst show, if you've ever seen it the mothers and daughers have the most painfully obvious scripted conversations, I mean nothing can be natural with a camera there
    bit of a rant there

    yarrrrrr, I just got them waxed the chick did them wrong but she was nice so I didn't ask her to do anything else, though I wouldn't anyway
  4. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    06-01-2010 05:56 AM
    Of course he does. Peter and all his shenaniganes as Cleveland puts it . Haha mix it up a bit. Ofcourse it is

    Exactly!!! I mean come on!! That annoys me so much, there so much emotion that I assume is fake that it's not really reality tv at all it's probably more scripted. Aww there there. But yeah you could have no talent whatsoever in a show like masterchief but if you're good on camera and bring in the ratings they'll let you in

    I know, I think I will skip it. Haha wow I never realised how complicated it was to be a girl. How does that even ... actually never mind I won't ask. Ahh that sounds good, have fun
  5. Nadia1234
    06-01-2010 03:09 AM
    yes peter is a bit of a weirdo, he makes me laugh though yeahhh, I pretty much just use it instead of the word party mix it up a bit haha. yeee haaaa! er ummm yeah thats what the hip kids do

    yeah I know, gahhhh you know what I hate about reality shows, how whenever they audition (masterchef, next top model, big brother, biggest loser, so you think you can dance) they ALL cry about bad moments in their life, like whatttt the hell, I've had some really bad moments in my life but I don't just cry when anyone brings it up and then the judges take pity and let them in! jeeeze

    haha yeah I think you should I couldn't do that I know its getting hot now ermmm nothing much lately, been gaming heaps and I'm just going to get my eyebrows done now haha, but my friend is coming back from melbourne(holiday) soo all the group is going to a friends house, looking forward to it
  6. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    05-01-2010 01:09 PM
    Ah I worry about Peter sometimes. Just the things that he does that aren't even caught on camera must be very very very ... um ... strange. Haha really? I don't think I've ever used the word shindig in my life. We shall have ourselves a good old fashioned western shindig, that's what all the hip kids do right?

    Ah yeah I never really liked it. We need some new tv shows thesedays.

    Ah nothing much actually. I'm debating whether or not I should make up an excuse not to play cricket this Saturday as it's gonna be like 40 degrees! I just can't be bothered if it's gonna be that hot, standing in the sun all day. It's gonna be like that for the next couple of days too. So what have you been up to?
  7. Nadia1234
    05-01-2010 11:51 AM
    and peters like "ehe he he yeahhh" hahaha I know I use shindig on a regular basis I can imagine a bogan person saying it haha okay its agreed, we shall have a shindig.

    I'm trying to think of some reality shows I like, I remember getting into one big brother season other than that yeah I usually hate them all

    haha thanks

    what ya beeeeeen up too?
  8. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    05-01-2010 11:09 AM
    Haha! And the rat's wife is talking off her clothes! Ah peter.
    Where are you getting all these different words from?!! I like Shindig though sounds bogan.

    Yeah exactly. Yeah I don't see how people can watch those shows either. I hate reality tv shows, never liked any of them and I despised Big Brother so much.

    I think congradualtions are in order, so yeah Congradulations!!
  9. Nadia1234
    05-01-2010 10:01 AM
    "I HAVE EVERYTHING AND YOU HAVE NOTHING!!!" hahaha you know when ever I think of that, I think of when peter had the rat farm
    ohhh you missing out hmmmh nah thats lame as how about a shindig? much cooler

    yeah I hate that, I usaully have to watch from the start other wise I'm watching it, but I'm not enjoying/understanding it ahh okay well as long as you don't like gosip girl you know what else I hate? The Hills and Laguna beach, like wtf how can people stand watching that?

    I knowwww

    yeah I finished it at like 4 ermmm like 13 hours I think, but thats just the main story, haven't collected all the stuff ect
  10. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    05-01-2010 09:54 AM
    Aww, for some reason I'm imagining an actual fight to the death with mice
    Haha I have never been to box social. How about a good aussie Barbeque

    Oh atleast that's good, it's annoying watching a new show and you have no idea what they're going on about because it continues from the start. Haha good gossip girl is. Not that I'm a big fan of sex and the city either

    Oh yay! Everything's finally working out!!

    Nearly finished? Wow how long did it take to beat?

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