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  1. Nadia1234
    08-01-2010 12:32 AM
    haha yeah

    yes if one day I'm in japan and I need to know where the bus stop is zomgggg I wanna go to japan soooo bad! I love that, when he acts all businessy and serious okay then, good :shitfty: hahah, one for every day of the week?

    it wasssssss good, we ended up going at 10

    you should matt hahhah yeah, that what I loved yeah I've go heaps more, but those are the main ones, sure buddy whos on your list then hmmmm? yessums it did, I don't think hes gonna answer back though, he's commented me before, I think somehow he knows how exited/happy I would be even if he likes a status or photo,
  2. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    07-01-2010 01:45 PM
    Yep one day. Haha I know that's what makes it so stupid

    Haha that;'s good that you remembered that, might come in handy some day. Haha I've got this image of Cartman in my head right now where he's like "Ahh you're breaking my balls man". I think that can be arranged though. Suit shopping is awesome, I love my suits

    Ah okay, well have fun then

    I feel so ashamed. That would be good. Haha I love some of his answers: "What do you love to do outside of gaming?" "Outside?".
    Hahaha wow what a list, as good as they all are I can't say any of them would be on mine though. That must make you feel special, that's pretty cool though it's like you were 'the choosen one'
  3. Nadia1234
    07-01-2010 01:01 PM
    naww one day matteh, one day hahaha I love that, its so crap

    I can't think of any words where I do that, I remember in japanese Busunodiba was always really funny to me (japanese for bus stop) haha that would be good matt, I want some bagpipes playing if you can get that done hahahaha, well your lucky to live in melbourne "SUIT SHOPPING!!"

    yarrrr I've been before I used to go with my mum a couple of years ago, but then we stopped for a few reasons. But I love going with friends

    I'm disappointed you don't watch good game matt when its on season again I will remind you! hahaha I'll show you his profile thing http://www.abc.net.au/tv/goodgame/about/bajo.htm
    but omg I was so happy, Matthew Bellamy, Steven O'Donnell and Andrew Hanson are my top 3 lovessssssssss, I don't know why though . yeah I did, just said crap about adelaide and stuff, and I asked him what is bringing him down. I was so surprised to see that he had only sent it to me though I thought that is was gonna be a whole load of adelaidians
    sorreh I'm ranting about it hahah
  4. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    07-01-2010 12:34 PM
    Oh that just makes me want to get Foxtel so badly. Bahaha! You just reminded me of the imagination song "IMAGINNNNNNAAAATION, IMAGINNNAAATION"

    I know, for some reason I laugh everytime I see the word ruffles, sounds like rofls. Haha aww that;s nice. Haha I will use my Melbournian connections and see what I can do:. Yeah I know, atleast it's not three I guess but still. Maybe. I'm such a shopaholic

    Oh wow at 8. Haha for me i'd be the getting up at 8. Have fun at the gym tommorow, have you ever been before?

    Wow that's so awesome!! I don't know who he is though. But still did you reply back to him or something?
  5. Nadia1234
    07-01-2010 11:29 AM
    yeahhhh that sucks, its on like 4 times a day on comedy channel haha yeahhhhhh its so good, I love the "WE TRIED THAT AND KIRK RUSSELL WAS RAPED BY CHRISTMAS CRITTERS!!!" and the return of manbearpig

    it is, funny words are awesome. haha I can imagine that in cricket. My dad always ruffles my hair when I'm on the computer, just as long as he doesn't touch my shoulders I don't go skitzzz yes that is correct, their should be lovely music and awesome dancers when I enter the city, I will now expect it ohhh wow that sucks, both in one day would be annoying I'm dreading getting mine alll your retail store cards matt? thats hella annoying though.

    I guess I did, thanks I did I'm going to the gym with a friend tomorrow morning at 8 I don't know whats gonna kill me more, getting up early or going to the gym

    matttttt I'm soooo happy, Steven O'Donnell (bajo from good game) facebook messaged me saying "I'm totally coming to Adelaide, will I be disappointed?" I fricken went mental, it was just to me!!
    I posted that in the boat too hha
  6. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    07-01-2010 11:14 AM
    I wouldn't afraid of that, they're both awesome shows. I don't get to watch South Park too often because it's only on once a week and I don't have the Dvd's like I do with Family Guy. Haha that's got to be one of my favouritest episodes, 3 part episode it was so good. Go Jesus!

    Haha ruffles is such a funny word. I get my hair ruffled all the time playing cricket, sometimes it messes up my hair. Heaps of buskers when you come over? Ah okay that's good then. I've already gotten my exam timetable for this year, it's not too bad only 1 midyear but I has 2 exams on one day later on. I'm gonna be so freaked out the day before that!. Haha ah too bad, I like my wallet just doens't have enough pockets for cards

    Hahaha you had a shindig. I hope you had fun though
  7. Nadia1234
    07-01-2010 08:22 AM
    yeahhh I shall , I'm afraid I'm starting to like south park more than family guy these days omg imaginationland is just so funny

    yes we should both try and avoid that pat on the head, though I love ruffling peoples hair yeah me too, god they make me vomit (in my mind) the massively egotistical ones though

    yeah me too, its like clockwork, one thing goes wrong after the other and you just get overwhelmed haha thats hell weird haha okay, I hope theres heaps when I come down, I decided I'm defiantly going to come down, I figure even if its the weekend before exams, the studying is not all about just a couple of days before, if I would hard a couple of weeks before and do a bit in melbourne I should be alright haha yes man wallets are so small, mines biggg, though its broken

    haha at my friends house today we watched sex in the city and ate nachos and chips, all 7 of us
  8. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    07-01-2010 12:33 AM
    Ahh yeah. You should watch it again, ahh I love that show so much

    That would be a bad head pat. Mhm I hate people with huge egos .

    Oh okay, I hate it how you're having a bad day and it just keeps getting worse. Oh really? I'm the opposite I like it when it's just cut but not the days after. Haha yeah just in my area although I haven't seen to many in the streets of Melbourne either. It is a good way of getting rid your change, and you're helping someone I suppose. I can't carry change in my wallets it get's too big to fit in my pockets. Ah yeah I guess that's true, so it's not too bad afterall
  9. Nadia1234
    06-01-2010 11:49 AM
    yeah its still funny now and again but you just can stand the dvd menu hahaha that sounds good, jeeze I haven't watched seinfeld for agesssss

    yes or you could mess up the hair, making it disastrous yeah they're obviously have massive egos, ew.

    it did, I was in such a bad mood. ahh see I like it the day after when I can get home and do things with it, I hate it when it is just done. ohh really, is that in your area or melbourne city, I love them in melbourne, spend all my change hhah yeah I know you would have to be gutsy, but I guess its not like your approaching people asking them, so you don't personally get rejected, and people wouldn't come up to you and give you negative feedback
  10. Matt_The_Muse_Fan
    06-01-2010 10:35 AM
    Ah yeah I know what thats like. I hate it when you've seen something so many times that it just ruins it. I've been trying to avoid watching Seinfeld for a while, just so I can have a marathon again and not quote every single line before they're said

    Haha yeah. I suppose it can go wrong, what if you pat too hard then it'd just be weird and not comforting at all. Ah okay, yeah those shows usually have some of the weirdest people on them

    Hahah oh my god that really happened?! There, there *head pat* . I never like my haircuts I always think it looks weird the day after. Ah yeah buskers, I hardly see them anymore which is a shame. I think it's a pretty tough job going round to house collecting money for charity. Takes a lot of guts, and I'd feel pretty bad getting rejected. That's good then

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