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  1. xuwang
    26-08-2010 05:29 AM
    YES YES YES!!!
  2. AMfrompoland!!
    25-08-2010 05:38 PM
    Me and Dom . you shall have godchildren in 9 months .

    Srsly?! .
  3. xuwang
    22-08-2010 01:26 PM
    soooo! I heard that matt came on with the same haircut as your avvie! specially for you me thinks xD how are you? I bet you're feeling ossum!
  4. xuwang
    20-08-2010 11:07 AM
    so...can I expect a teddy bear uprising and a stage invasion tomorrow and in nine months godchildren?
  5. xuwang
    18-08-2010 12:07 AM
    it's actually an interesting concept, you basically chew chew chew until there is flavour and it's fun and then you spit it away and forget it and that's (if I'm not wrong) what happens to most of the players or at least you just feel like spitting on his face

    I saw on the box that there was a casillas one but they didn't have and I really wanted to send it to you just to disturb you and make you do a really really REALLY loud facepalm (or hear you say "oh...I wonder if you taste like strawberry or peppermint...")

    is it done?! omg! I'm afraid that now you have time to plot your world conquering plan! what are you going to do!? get lasers and stuff!? :O
    I shall form ze resistance and speak with ze frrench accent just because you will speak with ze spanish accent "listen to me verri carrefulli I shall say thiz only wence"
    when you can will you show us the finished product?
  6. AMfrompoland!!
    17-08-2010 03:59 PM
    Gum with Cristiano's face? Ewww, how disgusting is that? .
    We've finished editing scrapbook today .

    Ok, gtg now . Need to conspiracy against the world, mwajajajajajaj *spanish laugh is spanish*
  7. xuwang
    15-08-2010 02:05 AM
    And he's not barbudo he is just a borracho
  8. xuwang
    15-08-2010 02:02 AM
    Hey hey! you're back!
    Of course it did remind me of you xD they were selling bubble gum with the players faces on it but they only had with Cristiano Ronaldo -barfs- and some guy called Kaka (ok, kidding I do know him).
    Oh! I'm flattered thank you, I thought that my drawing didn't really make sense
    I'm good, came back from that place where I stayed for a week and got attacked by pidgeons I have pictures if you want to see later. motherfucking shaolin pigeons (because they were in shaolin, eh?)
    I hope you had fun and COKE IS COMING BITCHES! have fun
  9. AMfrompoland!!
    14-08-2010 07:53 PM
    Awww, Casillas reminded you of me ...wait . That's just wrong . Some Barbudo person reminded you of me .

    Nahh, it's okay . and it's awesome that you've made photos of these - it looks so F-A-B . but srsly? Cristiano Ronaldo next to MY PURE GOLD IKEW? . What a crime .

    Hope you're having fun there .

    Also I forgot to tell you - everyone love ur scrapbook drawing . My mum said that you're really talented and my friend said that it's really, seriously, epiclly amazing .

    So yep - have fun in china, you chinese person that doesn't speak Chinese . Have fun with Tom Kirk .

  10. xuwang
    07-08-2010 09:06 AM
    when I saw those it reminded me that some girl in particular would probably like

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