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Conversation Between Dina F.K.K. and Black Mamba

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  1. Black Mamba
    13-10-2008 07:22 AM
    Black Mamba
    No I'm not why asking? and it's ok to ask
  2. Dina F.K.K.
    11-10-2008 05:27 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Hey Kaddy! Just wanted to know, are you married? Sorry for asking something so private..
  3. Black Mamba
    07-06-2008 09:43 AM
    Black Mamba
    Bye bye,thanx for dropping by!
  4. Dina F.K.K.
    07-06-2008 09:42 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Hope that periods pains is over.. I'm ok..
    Gtg now...
  5. Black Mamba
    07-06-2008 09:31 AM
    Black Mamba
    Hi there,I'm ok despite"periods pains" lolz,you?
  6. Dina F.K.K.
    07-06-2008 06:10 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Hello Kaddy..
    Hows you?
  7. Black Mamba
    19-05-2008 07:03 AM
    Black Mamba
    Oh ok,glad you like it
  8. Dina F.K.K.
    18-05-2008 10:26 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    "What do you think of your name" thread..
  9. Black Mamba
    17-05-2008 11:53 AM
    Black Mamba
    Where's that?
  10. Dina F.K.K.
    17-05-2008 09:01 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Hello, Kaddy. I've read on a thread about name, your name is khadijah...
    That's nice...

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