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  1. MuseDiane
    01-04-2009 06:51 AM
    Hey sweetie! I'm great, how've u been? I miss u I know it's been forever, but my life got a bit more hectic since I got this new job, but I'm still here! Love ya
  2. zoe
    26-03-2009 12:43 PM
    hello hello
    how are you hun
    its been bladdy ageeees x
  3. zoe
    11-12-2008 11:07 AM
    Goood to hear it hun
    and of course ill keep in touch!! if you want me too lol
    you doin much over the weekend ???

  4. MuseDiane
    10-12-2008 05:59 AM
    I'm doing much better now! I had my grad party last Friday and I was beaten up! I'm a lazy ass atm coz I've got nothing to do, I'm just waiting for January to come to start working! Take care and keep in touch k? XOXO
  5. zoe
    08-12-2008 08:14 AM
    NO i havent
    sorry hun just been radically busy
    but im good
    how are you?? xxxxxxx
  6. MuseDiane
    07-12-2008 05:47 AM
    hey there girl!!! u've forgotten about me! Drop me a visit now and again! Just to know how u're doin' ok?
  7. zoe
    17-11-2008 08:39 AM
    yeah hun

    make sure you keep in touch!!

    or ill come and whack you with my sweepin brush lolz xxxxx
  8. MuseDiane
    17-11-2008 04:44 AM
    HI! Yeah well, I'd love to chat with u soon! Keep in touch babe!
  9. zoe
    14-11-2008 08:45 AM
    Heyy!! im alright......lifes ok at the mo......... but whose to say that wont change lolz
    havent seen you in chat for ages missy!! get ass back there
    NOW!!! hehe xxxx
  10. MuseDiane
    13-11-2008 07:12 PM
    Hi there!, I'm okay! how's life treating u? Life's being a real bitch to me these days! lol
    Take care and see u around!

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