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  1. Musoliasla
    18-11-2010 07:09 AM
    I still remember Ello Poppet ;D it can't be the same without Bloom why isn't he doing it?
    Awww haha, I'm sad enough to just want to watch Muse again instead at home

    Awww, that's awesome! He must be the coolest Dad in the world!!!

    Ahh, it doesn't matter then hehe. Aww, poor you and Matt speaking so fast!! I'm sure he would speak slower to those from other countries! hehe, I think he would laugh at that, stand in front of him with your dictionary.... RIGHT.. READY!!
    It's part of his character isn't it, so cute! I can't imagine how it is for you!!!
  2. MimusQe
    17-11-2010 02:25 PM
    Yep! I love the second part They´re filming 4th part now...but without Bloom :/
    Woooh!!! But I´m not very excited...I´d rather go to see Due Date again

    Yeah, I´m sure he does. But sometimes he takes whole family to gigs. I heard they were in Poland with him.

    Wooo! I don´t know him actually, but nevermind
    Ooooh, if I´d meet Matt...oh god That would be so amazing! But it´s much easier to you, when you speak English...I would need a dictionary And Matt speaks very fast so it´s kinda hard to understand him sometimes

  3. Musoliasla
    17-11-2010 07:00 AM
    POTC = Win!!! Oooo, sounds brilliant! I shall wait for DVD because I'm cheapo and don't have the money!

    Ahahaha!! Very true... he must really miss his wife

    Meh, just soup starts, and naturally 7, Ed Byrne!!! Who was on at a tiny venue near mee!!! He is an awesome comedian!! Awww, I would pretend to translate and just tell them amazing things, that I could manage, I hope Matt <33 I think I would be able to speak to Matt most tbh, and I have no idea how!

    Muse produce their own albums even ffs they are so much better than artists today!
  4. MimusQe
    15-11-2010 03:00 PM

    Yeaah xD It was my favourite trilogy Oooh...this Friday...I´m going to the cinema again!!! Harry Potter´s coming

    I can only imagine what he usually does in his free time

    You´ve met some stars??? Tell me about that!!!
    Yeaah, but they listen these crap from everybody. Like you´re awesome, great, amazing, funny and so on. But that´s true! Uuh in my case normal conversation always fails I can´t imagine to talk with some English speaking man, not even with Matt

    They deserve something like Grammy´s or what...
  5. Musoliasla
    15-11-2010 07:51 AM
    Awww!!! Hahaha Bless!
    YES! I agree!!! Ahh he was so nice in that one :')

    Haha!! Very good point!!!
    Yeah exactly, I would die!! When I have met minor stars, my heart still races!! Never mind my idols! I'd just tell them they were awesome over and over And talk crap! I don't see how some people can do it!! Talk to such people and be able to have normal conversation, I don't think I could manage!
    Yeeaahh Beyond the rubbish!
  6. MimusQe
    14-11-2010 12:38 PM
    Wooo I think I´ve never seen whole film...I always fall asleep
    I don´t like LOTR very much. With Orlando, I like Pirates of the Carribean

    He must be happy. He´s father of 5 children!!!

    Yeaaah me too I don´t know what would I do, when I´d meet them somewhere. Probably something like: "heeey guys!" *faints*

    This. They really don´t deserve it. I wanna steal them everything they got! and give it to somebody who deserve it. But you know...EMA´s and these other crap "awards", I´m glad our guys haven´t won it though.
  7. Musoliasla
    13-11-2010 07:50 PM
    Aww! Long film, but I really do quite like it He's good in it as the serious character! I quite like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings!

    Yess!! So happy for him!! He seems so happy!

    It really is!!! Awww, makes me want to hug them!!
    I knoooow, sucks!! Wooo!!
    Exactly!!! There just get given thiss too them as well!!! They don't deserve what they get at all!!
  8. MimusQe
    12-11-2010 03:38 PM
    Yep! She didn´t sleep very well after that Oooo Troy --- that film!!! I thought you mean Troy as the name yeaah, I´ve seen it for few times...very loong film

    Chris...has stopped with alcohol.

    Compact that´s cute!
    yeeah...but we can´t do anything with it
    That´s trueee!!!

    Grrr!!! They are so unnatural, affected and sham. They act like "big stars" or what
  9. Musoliasla
    12-11-2010 06:58 AM
    Yeaahh, the openings are really good!
    After Inglorious?? aww haha. Brad Pitt just makes me laugh!! :') Brad Pitt was in Troy, have you ever seen it??
    Who's stopped?

    Compact Bellamy and Howard awww!! Good for Chris!! That's greatt!
    I know, like Dom does and it's just like ew xD to be honest, but I still love theem!! We all do!!

    Yeah they should just go away!! He's just way too young, and rather than acting older, he just even acts like a kid, he just annoys mee! :/
  10. MimusQe
    11-11-2010 06:08 PM
    Yeah! Usually the first part of any film is the best
    yeaah, a little bit But I don´t know if I want to see it again My friend (who watched it with me) had really weird dreams after that.
    Ooou! Whoo???

    I´m glad he´s stopped.
    To compound matters, Wolstenholme became “a raging alcoholic”. He reveals this to me, unbidden and unprompted, at the end of our first interview, in the band’s opulent hotel in Desert Springs, a few miles from the Coachella Festival site. “I was worse on tour in the early days. But at home it got to a point where I realised I didn’t have to stay sober ’cause I didn’t have a gig to do. So it was just a licence to drink all the time. I was waking up in the morning and filling up a pint glass half full of whatever spirit I had in the house and then topping it up with squash so no one knew what I was drinking,” he confesses.

    He’d follow this “breakfast” with a chaser of “10 to 15 pints during the day, even when I was at home. Then in the evening I’d go on to wine: two bottles of wine. Then I’d normally finish the day as I started it: take the pint glass up to bed, drink half, so there was always something by the bedside for me in the morning, ha ha,” he laughs, nervously.

    Wolstenholme repeats this account of the depths of his addiction, almost word for word, when we speak again backstage at the Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City. His eagerness to tell all is a mark of the bluff amiability of the sturdy, tattooed bass player (he’s a good foot taller than the compact Bellamy and Howard), and of how Muse barely do any interviews these days; they don’t need to, and their heavyweight US management company, Q Prime (also shepherds to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica), forms a ridiculously protective phalanx around them. After eight months on tour he’s perhaps starved of outside conversation. And, I suspect, Wolstenholme’s chattiness is also an aspect of the painful rehab/therapy process that he initiated midway through the making of The Resistance.

    “I was pretty bad. But I had a realisation one day: my dad died when he was 40 from alcoholism. And I was well on the way to that. I was in such a bad way it’s questionable whether I’d be alive now.” Wolstenholme’s therapist told him that his drinking “was my way of dealing with any kind of negativity whatsoever in my life”. As he detoxed, “I had a good week of no sleeping, shaking, feeling like I was gonna pass out. It was pretty horrible. But luckily I had five months before going on tour to get all that out of my system.

    “I felt like I was really getting somewhere with it,” Wolstenholme continues, clutching an iced coffee (“My new drug”), his fingernails bitten to the quick. “Then we started touring and it was like giving up all over again. I had to have the minibar in my hotel room cleared. I got my own tour bus so I didn’t have to be around [the band]. I didn’t want to be one of those killjoys. It’s my problem; it’s not fair to drag everybody else into it.” He says he still finds it difficult. “There is a lot of partying on tour. You feel a bit left out sometimes. You can’t join in. But you have to think about the more important things in life, like your family, your kids

    Yeah me too but you know, it´s their lives, and they can do what they want. But I don´t want that

    Aaargh! How much I hate him!!! and also affected Miley Cyrus

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