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  1. ibelongtoyou4
    07-11-2010 01:22 AM
    We should be masters of martial arts too
    Tickling can be dangerous sometimes
    Same! I would wear it all the time! With matching flashy glasses You want him nowww (sorry, I couldn't resist!) Me too!!!
    I would love Chris as my dad. That would be amazing! Buster XD
    If I did get hot, I'd take off the hot dog suit. I can't take off my ninja gear, of course and I wouldn't wanna take off Muse's clothes
  2. Musoliasla
    07-11-2010 01:51 AM
    Amen to that!
    Awww, haha! it does sometimes!
    I do, I will ask when I'm not completely wet! It would be so awesome!! I want Dom now, I wannna hug him, take his jacket off, and wear it myself!!! ;D Woohooo!
    He is, he must be the coolest Dad in the world!!! I knoooooww! He is so cuute!!
    Ohhhh yesss!!! haha!!
  3. ibelongtoyou4
    06-11-2010 05:53 PM
    No one can beat our ninja skills!
    It doesn't really tickle though, it actually kind of hurts
    I want my own flashy jacket I know
    I love Chris. He's so cool His fifth kid was born on Thursday
    But at least I'd look awesome
  4. Musoliasla
    05-11-2010 04:58 PM

    Yeah verey good point! Maybe if we ask him very nicely His must have quite a few! Oh my God, I so do, it is just so sexy!
    Wooo!! Chris is awesome!!
    Hahaha, ahhh that would be so hott!! xD So many layers!
  5. ibelongtoyou4
    04-11-2010 07:58 PM
    Well maybe we can catch both him and Santa since we're better spies than they are
    I guess I am
    I know! I was going to say the flashy jacket, but then I remembered I'd be all wet I love Dom's leather jacket XD
    YES!!!! There should be a Muse figure for every album!!!!! The Chris figure would be so awesome YESSS!!! hahaha
    A ninja in a hot dog suit wearing Muse's clothes...
  6. Musoliasla
    04-11-2010 10:11 AM
    Damn himm! Being so sneaky!!
    I am so ticklish! But you sound worse!!
    Awww, I pray for that to happen!! That would be great! Haha, people would be so jealous of you! xD I think I would have to go with his red shirt! I love it, it's so cute! But also something distinctive like his lighting up jacket orrrrr, Dom's leather jacket, just because I think it's awesome!! ^ ^
    Yeah!! Exactly!! What awesome ideas we come up with!! Yesss, and also, awww, you should be able to get old matt aswell, just saying twat and fucking fucker things and also his screams! Chris' should headbang!!! That would be great, it should have the pedro tash too hahaha! Woo!
  7. ibelongtoyou4
    04-11-2010 12:43 AM
    I bet you the easter bunny's a spy too
    It's so painful but it's kind of funny!
    YESSSS!!!! I wanna wear Matt's BHaR jacket!!! I'd feel so bad keeping it though, but I'd take it home and be like "heheheheh I have Matt's jacket "

    Yeah!!! And the Matt figure can point the drumsticks at you They should all have little phrases too! Matt's should say pwoper, 1984, and laugh hysterically XD
    Or all three!
  8. Musoliasla
    03-11-2010 11:59 PM

    Haha, exactly!!!
    Wow!!! This is must try!! haha! Sounds funny!!
    Yess it would, something tells me though, we would end up wetter than them, and we would bee the ones to fill up plastic bottles and lob them over the three of them! Cos we are so sneaky! Our sweet revenge! They would be soaked! Imaginee... having to go in Muse's clothes, or Matt's, cos yours are soaked, so they're like, oh keep it, don't worry Yeeeeeeeaaahh!!
    I wanna just walk up to them and go you alright there? Hahah, would be funny I love that face!
    Me tooo! It's like Apu off the Simpsons, but a lot sexier!!! Chris action figure please, woo! Chris is so funky! ^ ^ playing Hysteria! Woo! Oooooooorrrr!!!!! Thy should play the wrong instruments like on the Italian show!!!! I have an image of Chriss doing first two strums on uprising lifting the guitar up with his shades on Woooo!!!
    A hot dog outfit? Orrrrr, Muse's clothes? Maaybe?
  9. ibelongtoyou4
    03-11-2010 07:32 PM
    And why else has no one ever seen him!?

    My friend used to do this thing where she'd poke this one spot on my side that would make me collapse on the floor every time she did it. We could do that They so do! We could have a Muse water gun fight
    ..... I want a chocolate Matt.......... Or maybe little Muse action figures or something that talk, sing, and play instruments
    What else would I be wearing?
  10. Musoliasla
    03-11-2010 08:36 AM
    Woo!! Ninja's are awesome!!
    Haha, so funny! It said, "Who else could possibly make it all the way around the world I ask you, only a ninja, it's so obvious! "

    Ooo, I shall go have a look then!
    Orrrr! Do that thing when you stick your knuckle down someones spine and make them jump forwards woo! Water guns soound like fun!
    Oh yeah ay up!
    I said to my friend, if you can't decide what to get me for christmas, get me something Muse or chocolate and he said, a chocolate Matt Bellamy then? I was like.... YESSS! Woo!!
    In your ninja suit... of course

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