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  1. PwoperMuser
    01-05-2010 04:34 PM
    That's exactly how I felt, but then I realised they wouldn't have announced it on the Killers' site if it meant they were splitting up, so now I'm just buzzing about it, and I hope he tours in the UK!
  2. kjk62289
    01-05-2010 04:07 PM
    ooh no its all good lol.
    yeahhhh i had to sit on the news all day before i blogged about it. i was actually kind of upset at first but then i realized that they arent breaking up so its liek whatever, but i dont get why he announced it that way either... thats what bothered me cause i thought it was going to have to do with THE KILLERS notjust one member. i dunno. haha i know flamingo, seriously on he can pull that off, its so vegas-y lol
  3. PwoperMuser
    01-05-2010 01:11 PM
    Hey! Sorry for the delayed reply x) just had to take in the news! So, Flamingo huh? Only Brandon could have an album named that, I am so excited for it! I was just a bit confused about why they announced it like that, but oh well! Have a nice day
  4. kjk62289
    28-04-2010 10:49 PM
    ooh i didnt see that happen lol i would of gotten so excited, then bummed lol, same here just the longer we wait the more exciting it will be!!

    and i am having a good day thanks! i hope you have as well!
  5. PwoperMuser
    28-04-2010 06:59 PM
    Haha, the Countdown just went forward a day and I got so excited about seeing it tonight, then Hermia said it was a fault oh well, the longer I wait the more exciting it'll be ;D hope you're having a good day
  6. kjk62289
    27-04-2010 06:38 PM
    ooh okay ive talked to you on there before lol
    ooh i knowwwww, hermia posted a blog and shes just teasing everybody, ive decided im not going to contemplate it anymore so that way no matter what ill be suprised lol, and for that samereason i could NOT sleep if my life depended on it last night lol
    all the commotion a simple countdown can cause lol
  7. PwoperMuser
    27-04-2010 05:23 PM
    Yay indeed ;D I'm VelvetSunshine on the victims, and yeah! The Countdown is responsible for me not sleeping last night xD I can't decide whether it's something huge like the covers album, or something like a new layout! Either way... it's gonna be good
  8. kjk62289
    26-04-2010 10:15 PM
    yay for us victims!! did you see the countdown on just thekillersmusic.com page?! whats it for!!!

    ahh and whats your name on the victims? im kjk62289
  9. PwoperMuser
    26-04-2010 05:58 PM
    I found a Victim O_O Yay!

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