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  1. Joshua Smith
    14-09-2009 07:05 PM
    Joshua Smith
    OMG have you heard the resistance yet? its bloody amazing, i know its a bold statement, but i think its their best album yet... Exogenesis sealed the deal for me lol. I'm in love lol XD
    come back chlo, we miss you lol
  2. Joshua Smith
    20-08-2009 02:10 AM
    Joshua Smith
    guess who's seeing muse in tynemouth? or however it's spelt, I'm going with my dad and little bro it's gunna be immense
  3. Joshua Smith
    10-08-2009 08:41 PM
    Joshua Smith
    Heya chlo, how's things? Xxxx
  4. Joshua Smith
    07-08-2009 07:45 PM
    Joshua Smith
    Kalieeedoscoope =]
  5. Joshua Smith
    07-08-2009 12:14 AM
    Joshua Smith
    Hey hey, tried changin my name, but then realized I cba lol, so how are you? What u think of the album art?
  6. Joshua Smith
    06-08-2009 12:39 AM
    Joshua Smith
    Tbh I can't be arsed to sleep lol, I is a vampire XD
    I'm just trying to meet people and see if anyone wants to meet up at the gig. Even though it will be amazing alone. Still, company is gooood.

    I think it was my dad who first told me that people thought muse were like radiohead, and he hadn't heard a single song by them at that point, I introduced him and my little bro to them, and now my little bro likes them almost as much as me xxxx
  7. Chlotastiqué
    06-08-2009 12:30 AM
    Nooo Problemo
    XDXD!! Annoo!!
    Radiohead? When I read that I was like "......Is it 1997?"

    That guy's fecking hillarious
    Naah, I don't come oon here often..only if I can't shleeep
    We have lives Josh!!
  8. Joshua Smith
    06-08-2009 12:27 AM
    Joshua Smith
    Aaah, sorry, this place is still confusing me lol. I don't usually go on forums. But yeah, the last concept album I got was the new one by kasabian, love that album. I never realized muse were compared to radiohead so much, they don't even sound alike, was just reading that thread about pitchfork, can u believe the guy with the whole tranformers was a masterpiece rant =] man, I gotta buy one of those shirts lol xxxxx
  9. Chlotastiqué
    06-08-2009 12:21 AM
    Yer should-a whipped it out goooord Josh!!

    Indeed; can only name like...3 concept abums
    And MUSE wiill do it in-Fecking-credibly

    Apologies foor the long reply tiime; I didn't realise yer'd replyed coz you replied here
  10. Chlotastiqué
    04-08-2009 01:21 AM
    Indeed; caan't wait to chant

    Tis allready me ringtone

    Not a fan o' Conspiracy theeorys?


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