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  1. Girl Anachronism
    24-09-2010 06:26 AM
    Girl Anachronism
    I need money.
  2. the aurora
    22-09-2010 10:48 PM
    the aurora
    You should.
  3. Girl Anachronism
    22-09-2010 06:57 AM
    Girl Anachronism
    Rawra, now I want to go to the US to have a proper meet with you.
  4. the aurora
    02-09-2010 05:04 PM
    the aurora
    Grr. That sucks. I heard about some protest but I'm not sure exactly what it was for. Haha. So if I were to barrier it, I should do the sides? Okay, I think I need to see pictures. I hate when security gets in the way!

    Me, too! I'm gonna be so emotional.

    Psh, they're just jealous!
  5. Girl Anachronism
    02-09-2010 08:29 AM
    Girl Anachronism
    Yeah, the stage is too high. At Stade de France, I couldn't be at the barrier on the Friday because I was doing the protesting thing (). And on the Saturday, my friends and I got to the barrier in the middle, which is further from the stage than the barrier on the sides but from there you can see the whole stage pretty well (when security guys aren't spoiling the view )

    I'm so happy to see you.
    My colleagues keep teasing me about Manchester and London lol.
  6. the aurora
    02-09-2010 05:47 AM
    the aurora
    So apparently queuing is a bad idea because of the stage set up? People have said that you can barely see anything from the barrier.

    INORITE?! It'll make up for Phoenix and Vegas.
  7. Girl Anachronism
    01-09-2010 07:12 PM
    Girl Anachronism
    As early as I can yes.

    Awww I can't believe I'm finally going to meet you. <3
  8. the aurora
    31-08-2010 03:42 PM
    the aurora
    Super duper early?

    I'm just glad you'll be there! We'll make the most of it.

    Thank you, Lynda! I keep a Union Jack flag at my desk for motivation. lolz
  9. Girl Anachronism
    30-08-2010 04:55 PM
    Girl Anachronism
    Queueing Friday, yes I will!

    I'm leaving on the Sunday at around noon. I wish I could have stayed longer.

    Good luck for your last week of work before England
  10. the aurora
    30-08-2010 03:37 PM
    the aurora
    Brilliant! How long are you staying? Yes. Dress up, baybeh! Heels and all. Are you queuing Friday?

    One more week for me. Just gotta get through this last week of work. Ahhhhhh!

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