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  1. achi
    14-07-2010 03:41 PM
    I've read your e-mail
    I will reply to it as soon as I can..internet server's been acting up lately..for like a month now..boo!
    Hope all is great with you my friend!
  2. achi
    05-04-2010 12:16 PM
    Will wait!
    Have a great day!
  3. agntexas
    05-04-2010 12:23 AM
    Hey Grace, I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter, too!
    I have a really long email I yet to finish, that I will send you soon.
  4. achi
    04-04-2010 02:32 PM
    Happy Easter my dear!
  5. achi
    14-02-2010 03:28 PM
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
  6. agntexas
    14-02-2010 02:04 PM
    Happy Valentine's Day
  7. agntexas
    12-02-2010 11:28 PM
    That is AWESOME!!!
    Send me an e-mail telling me everything!
  8. achi
    12-02-2010 04:51 AM
    I saw Muse last Saturday!
  9. agntexas
    03-02-2010 01:00 AM
    Thanks, but that's ok. No hurry, our birthday isn't for a few months.
  10. achi
    02-02-2010 03:40 PM
    Helo Alex.Yes I did.Thank you very much again!
    I'll send you something on my free time

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