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  1. feelinggood
    07-07-2010 04:00 AM
    thats ok!
    awwhh! why thank you!
    dont feel terrible about it!

    the dvd is awesomely amazing! brandon looks so hot! and he is so cute with his little rambling in the middle of songs!i think i mite watch it again tomorrow

    uh me to! ive been waiting for an update on that, but weve been getting mostly the pleasure principle which makes me giggle like a little girl when dom and matt are together! the name was sweetness revisited.
    when i saw his hair i sent an email to my friends titled NNOOO!!!! and i rambled on in it about matts hair
    i know rite it was so... open

    i know! but i do stuff like that all the time. ill just randomly make up a word like instead of wait a second i say wait a secondai!
    mine has been real all over the place lately... stupid charter internet.... *grumbles on*
    well thats a lot of stuff like where do you want me to start? like who the dr is... or something else, co thats a long explanation.... lol
    speaking of the dr i found this on the dr who thread:

    david as an old man!

    me to i want one so badly!
    hes got places on my walls now too! i think hes made it to the top of my hot guys list now... lol
    Ive already ripped it and put it on my zune.... i seriously cant wait.... ive rediscovered how amazing his voice is!
  2. nataly
    29-06-2010 06:07 AM
    I'm so sorry for being late! I tried to spend time doing something productive... but I failed, so I'm here.
    How could I.
    Hope you had an amazing birthday . Live long and pwopahh

    Please tell me i'm not confused. I'm feeling terrible about it!

    N'awwww! "Oi!, get away fwom mah sheeps!" xD
    How's the DVD?

    What's the name of it? She writes very stweets stuffs. 17 steps = MY LIFE.
    But worth it! It's really... woah
    I miss his fluffy hair! It's like aahf why Matt, WHY.
    That shirt omg.

    After I saw the HP trailer everyone in my house was like "CHILL" But it worth it
    Vominoso? WTF
    My internet doesn't likes to flux when I need it :lol:
    We should get over it, we lost the plot THis will be quite hard, but can you explain me the whol Dr. Who stuff?

    I prefer dogs tho.
    Taht would be a record for me, it really takes time for being my desktop!
    It's too beautiful. Can't wait till the whole CD.
  3. feelinggood
    13-06-2010 04:52 AM
    that is alll to right....
    id love to see fawmew matteh!!!!! that'd be hed be sitting in a field with his sheep,cows, and chickens! :LoL:
    oh my mum and i went out today and she got me the killers at RAH but i have to wait till my birthday to be able to watch it!

    the last thing she posted was something sweet it was sweetness revisted, i loved that one.
    i know! i was like OMG i shouldnt read this..... but ya know... im going to!
    yep that interview. now i forget what i was going to say about that. but omg have u seen matteh's hair! its horrendous! it was so fluffy in that interview, but now its all chopped off!!!! NO!

    well yeah i know wat ya mean, sometimes i dont mind the looks!
    thats great! my dad said "vominoso" or something like that the other day, and im thinking "NO! its Allon-sy!"
    well yeah... my internet has been acting weird lately, its been conected then all the sudden the flux capacitor isnt fluxing! *lol at my so scientifical terms * so i was tryong to watch blackpool one time and the other i was watching keith murray get pelted with chocolate eggs and it stopped fluxing!!!
    i dont know! why does my mind think of these things! .. and on that fact Woho!
    omg thats something i could just see happening!

    i love cute cats, unlike mine
    ok well i saved about 100 in just an hour or so.... so and keith has already made it to my desktop.. it usually takes a bit longer for that..
    OMFG! that picture is ly cute and embarrassing! dom looks kinda... well lol and Kirkeh!

    EDIT: OMG have u heard crossfire by brandon!!???
  4. nataly
    09-06-2010 10:51 AM
    What you need and what you don't
    But I think we'll get Twitpics of Maffoo the fawmew

    Millionstar! I miss her stuffs!
    It was BY FAR weird, I felt quite bad for a bit But yes, it makes me wanna read more!
    This one? http://twitpic.com/1uer28

    I might do the same with my cousins, but for some reason I like to being the one with weird taste, so who knows
    I have no idea But today while playing The Sims i had twins and they're called Allonsy and Alonso
    But it shouldn't crash while watching some sexay Matt!
    WTF Well you know, you just made a new Doctor Who (David) fangirl (even if I've seen just one chapter)
    I know right! Matt giggled and kissed Dom on the forehead and Dom kept recording. Then they started to make out again, and I couldn't stop laughing! My mom woke up like 4 times because of me

    Gray hair reminds me of cats, so he's cute
    Nope, I have like 1400 photos of Matt and 100 of Dom, so...

    EDIT: BTWBTWBTW Have you seen this pic?

  5. feelinggood
    09-06-2010 03:49 AM
    i love that site.... almost always has what i need
    can't wait! but that means dom will have to find himself and matt will have to embrace his farmer side first u know im really dreading that! i was so happy to see new twitpics after so long, think what a year without twitpics will be like

    i dont know!!! i was looking for more belldom stuff, but i cant seem to find stuff of the quality of millionstar! but i was reading it and its one of those things, where its just so weird you just have to read on, ya know, the weird is just like wow, but for some reason it compells you to read on, ya know... ?
    have u seen the Rock am Ring * i think* interview?

    I know rite!
    "Allon-sy Alonso!"
    my favorite Doctor catch phrase thingy! Was the episode Voyage of the Damned with Bannakaffalatta? I love that little red man! also david in a suit! *hot!*
    hes always freaked me out, i could never watch McDonalds commercials..
    oh well yeah my dad *IT geek* told me since it was new it'd have some problems..
    i know!!!!!!!!!! i had a weird doctor who dream last night tho, it was like an episode of the show. The doctor *david's* got stabed in the head by rose's clone. *idk! * then the doctor speared the clone like kevin bacon in friday the 13th! so by spearig the clone it reversed everything and the Doctor and i walked off into the sunset to the TARDIS.
    OMG! where is that video coz i need to see it! the funny thing is i could so see them doing that. i can even hear dom saying that then matt giggling that adorably hilarious giggle

    yeah! someone who agrees with me on Keith! my friend says hes ugly and in his 50's or 60's coz of the gray hair! >: ( i love the gray, because its more like silver and prettyful
    Is it sad that i have saved 119 pics of Keith and 51 pics of the band *coz of keith*? im pathetic sometimes...
  6. nataly
    08-06-2010 11:25 AM
    Youtube has always something good
    That means: MOAR SHOWS

    Okay, I'm on part 3 and... bloody hell, what have you been reading?
    I mean, I don't know if I understood but... poor Matt

    OI! You can convert her this summer
    This Sunday I saw Doctor Who! Omg, now I have to met someone called Alonso or i'll die
    I know right, my little cousin hates him
    It's pretty fast there too, but it's quite more faster on Google Chrome. The bad thing is that sometimes the browser colapses and you have to restart GC.
    You read too much
    Oh my god, Dom reading Museslash I wouldn't mind... actually, this weekend I went to a hotel ith my mum, so I woke up at like 3 am and I couldn't sleep, so I had this weird imagi of Matt and Dom in the bed, recording themselves... like (Dom was kissing Matt, in the bed (like if they just fucked) and he had a camera and Matt giggled when Dom said "Our fans will love this". So they were kissing each other while trying to catch breathe. So I went all just to think about it

    Wow they're awesome And yes, he's hot
    "It's the best, it's got the breasts" "That impress" "Lest I forget" "what a mess."
  7. feelinggood
    03-06-2010 05:17 PM
    yeah! but ive been kinda bored and cant find anything to do! so i go and look up we are scientists videos
    I hope! well they said they'd make up for it their next tour

    it was so weird! this is part one: http://mjartrod.livejournal.com/4018.html its really weird tho..... NO!!!!! its already cheesy enough!

    I asked wat songs she listened to and she of course said " i dont know!" but she may come over sometime soon.. so i can implement my plan...
    waits patiently to make her move.....
    wat the hell! that guy creeps me out...
    Ive been spending soo much time on youtube lately! Ive switched to firefox because it goes faster
    well they make me think like this! well h came over to me and then we were in some hotel room, i ripped his clothes off and it involved kissing, licking, um lots of otherstuff that some belldoms instill in my mind...
    i know! there was some magazine interview that asked matt if hes ever read muse slash an dhe said no and asked wat it was, they told him what and he was like "oh.. well might check that out!" and what if they really were gay! but i dont think i would actually mind...

    well i just found them Tuesday listened to their stuff all day and am in love with them! first their music is great. Second they are freaking HILARIOUS! Third Keith Murray the front man is kinda hot! http://paulsmithphotos.co.uk/Portfol...ntists_jpg.jpg
    amd i think ive listened to this like 15 time now and am still loving it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv0aPbaBqpg&feature=related
  8. nataly
    03-06-2010 09:59 AM
    It's okay! I've been trying to do other stuff more than being here... but it's hard, so meh
    BAHAHAHA Poor Chris :lol: You'll see them live someday
    I'd done the same, or worst, who knows. All for guys

    As I'm waiting for my new glasses I haven't read any thing new yet D: MATT MARRIED? HELL NOOOOO Where?
    NSC with moar megaphone!

    You have to start slowly, like, if she likes... Ke$$a you'd have to make her listen to stuffs like Starlight. BUT make her listen to Space Dementia just in case
    Okay, we need to know in which awards they'll be together and we start to make the plan
    I was using a Ronald McDonald one
    Yeah! Plus, videos and interviews that anothe people makes you watch... argh I have a lot of videos to watch till YouTube dies :LOL :
    You always make me think like this! :lol: Tell meeeee
    Dommeh ftw Yesterday I was thinking of how much people say that Dom's gay, I wonder what Dom thinks about it
    For other stuffs too...

    My dad wanted to see me with pnes like John Lennon's glasses My new ones are like Daria and Clark Kent's glasses :lol:
    Nope, but I've heard that they're good
  9. feelinggood
    01-06-2010 01:34 AM
    sorry about such a late reply. i kinda took a break from here and have been watching david stuff and doing all sorts of things
    yes Chris couldn't keep it in his pants so i have no gig to go to! i mean of course im happy for chris but, darn, but im better now.
    yeah i was texting him and he was like wanna know a secret and of course im like yeah!
    but that was his secret he had to tell me, but then i told him she was moving in the first weeks of june *which she is* but that made me feel better. very shallow but the hell with it!

    ive been reading some new belldoms but i found this really weird one were matt and dom shagged then they both got back together with their gf's and matt got married i think 0_o

    ive got to approach this carefully..
    sounds like a plan... ....
    ive switched to firefox now and im using a david tennant persona
    well ive seen like 4 episodes of Blackpool, it takes a long time to watch these things!
    ahhaa like david and matt both just ripping their clothes off.. ahhh
    oh that reminds me of my dream last night exceot i was the one ripping those clothes off my mind shouldnt think of these things!
    well he might just come level with dommeh .... maybe
    oh now that is where the TARDIS would come in handy!

    mine were like that too! :LoL:
    have you ever listened to we are scientists?
  10. nataly
    24-05-2010 09:03 AM
    Me too. This three days that I couldn't log in, I've tried to watch the DVD, but for some reason doesn't wants to open
    N'awww, I'm so sorry! It was because of the new Wolstie right?
    And I'm sorry, he said that?

    Now everything is possible, so...
    Or Matt could get his megaphone. But no, oh god, no. It would be worst

    If you force her no!... well, she'd like a few songs
    That's why you should help me to rape Matthew, so then your ninja skills will be better and you'd rape David
    N'aw, that's nice! Great to see that some actors still doesn't care about if they have enough make up.
    While I had this little break from the board, i tried to watch almost everything, and woah, i haven't seen more then two videos
    For some reaso now all i imagine is them makeing something like an strip tease
    Oh my god, haven't laugh like this in a while. He can't beat Dom Bruno tho
    To see and appreciate. I wouldn't mind to be part of the Hulla documental eh

    Me too They were like Harry Potter's glasses tho

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