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  1. Zdarlight
    05-11-2009 08:51 AM
    Ah!Sorry!I live in Pakistan,where Muse is virtually non-existent
    I'm off to lunch now,catch yoo tomorrow!
  2. nataly
    05-11-2009 08:28 AM
    ,as their x mas gift!, they will have no clue of what that means .
    oh btw, you didn't tell me where do you live
  3. Zdarlight
    05-11-2009 08:17 AM
    Or you could slip them into your neighbour's mail!Poor them,they wouldn't have a clue
  4. nataly
    05-11-2009 08:15 AM
    thank you very much!
    fail xD.
    lol, thanks , i'm going to print them (gifs too ) and sell them out of my house
    lol no!, can you image that?!, "Hai sir, do you wanna buy my muse-lolz?" "GTFO" ..
  5. Zdarlight
    05-11-2009 08:06 AM
    Are So.

    HaI'm saving that to my laptop
    I love your Muse lolzes too
  6. nataly
    05-11-2009 08:05 AM
    ! thanks! *hugs too*
    my ossum spontaneous english will someday rule the world
    LOLMAO, when i'm bored, i'm bored!!

  7. Zdarlight
    05-11-2009 07:34 AM
    I love you and your spontaneous english,I don't know why
  8. nataly
    03-11-2009 02:30 AM
    Oh God, and i couldn't watch the last 3 matches, but i watched what happened there. th last ones (except for the ManU one *pwoud*) was just and , Rafa needs a new strategy NOW .
    I live on Ecuador .
    And you?
  9. Zdarlight
    01-11-2009 01:10 PM
    Liverpool lost yesterday AGAIN.I'm getting tired of it really
    Where do you live,Nataly?
  10. nataly
    31-10-2009 09:05 AM
    yes I am .
    I luff my horse (or whatever it is )
    your profile pic it's lolz too !

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