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  1. notyounaanbread
    19-03-2012 06:03 PM
    Thankyou. Wow three times in a day, that is quite impressive, what lead you to do that. Then again I did watch marley and me twice in a row once. Oh right I have heard of it but only vaguely. naa it's not and I know what you mean and hey I feel your pain im from the north too an well i just dont think people in the south have ever heard of where i live :P. Plus I dont blame you for being proudly not america i am too!
    Yeah I hope it's different (im one of those people who was all too keane on TR). Yeah I think they did somthing like that as Im pretty sure they said they wanted to sound like Justice. Which I think is not a good idea. Not that I dislike Justice but I dont think a Muse version would be great. Recently I did see that on twitter Dom said it was sounding heavy. I quite like the sound of that!
  2. notyounaanbread
    16-03-2012 04:18 PM
    Yeah it didnt go that well but i still have 7 hourse left and it's only GCSE - not like it's important so it'll be fine! Yeah howl's has to be my favoriet, it's just so damn adorable and it was the first one I ever saw. What about you? I've never heard of them, might have to check them out. I may sounds like an idiot saying this but, BC? what/were is that? Going to gig when you don't know the band is always interesting! I like the use of the after you state that you are canadian! Is that a bad thing? haha
    So have you been following Muse's tweet and stuff? How do you think the album is going to turn out? Better be good xx
  3. notyounaanbread
    13-03-2012 05:12 PM
    Ah sorry it took me so long to reply but just been getting really bogged down with my art exam, I had the first four hours today and, well, it didn't go quite to plan! Yeah I have seen the film and it is awful! It would be great if that actully did a good one, though its pretty hard to put 12 books worth of stuff into one film!
    Yeah I love Hayao Miyzaki, all his films are so adorable. I havent seen all of them yet but I intent to. I went to see ponyo at the cinema but they wouldn't let me in. They said I was to old! Yep I love all of them. I saw Arctic Monkeys and Panic! pretty recently, never seen the Strokes though but I'd so love to. What about you been to any good gigs lately?
    I was just looking at the Tv shows that you like and saw that there is an American Being Human? I love the english one (Im english btw) and I was wondering weather it was any good? Might be interesting to see Americans havin a go xx
  4. notyounaanbread
    10-03-2012 10:05 PM
    Ooh I dont know it's really hard. The Black Parade and Three Cheers are always battling it out but I suppose Id go for Three Cheers as at the moment Cemertry Drive is my favoriet song. What about you?
    Yeah I love it comic and the film! That would be mint, great idea. I noticed that you like death note too. I loved and love that series my mum is actually reading it right now! haha x
  5. notyounaanbread
    10-03-2012 01:47 PM
    Also just noticed your profile pic, very nice! xx
  6. notyounaanbread
    10-03-2012 01:45 PM
    Woah sorry just got your message what about 60 days after you posted it?! haha sorry! Yeah I most certainly am. I saw them in Feb last year and before that I didn't really even like them, I'm still not quite sure why I went but, I'm so glad I did! I assume you are aswell? xxx

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