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  1. notyounaanbread
    30-09-2011 07:28 PM
    Hey, I havent spoked to you for a while but, I just had to say I saw your post on the tattoo thread and I love it! You should deffinatly get it! x
  2. notyounaanbread
    10-02-2011 06:50 PM
    ahh sounds lovely! I do fancy a day like that just sleep, im knackerd, and i dont even have an excuse. x
  3. notyounaanbread
    09-02-2011 08:33 PM
    Oh its terrifying! Yeah it was certainly interesting the short version of the story is I went to a friends party and she ended up calling the police on it. My life if so motherfudgin mental! x
  4. notyounaanbread
    05-02-2011 04:43 PM
    Well he mabey is a bit wierd i mean, have you seen the video for vulture? hahaha! Also dont get me started on the lyrics for lycanthropy. Dear me! Having a good weekend x
  5. notyounaanbread
    03-02-2011 08:39 PM
    Thats part of the fun, i also loving doing a cheeky bit of role play when im there and having my own dinner parties, i cook up a great feast !

    Yes indeed! He is brill, my friends dont seem to share the same passion as me but im certainly captivated by him. Im guessing you do to . Id love to see him live but hes not playing any gigs near us, but i cant wait for his new album x
  6. notyounaanbread
    03-02-2011 05:26 PM
    Just thought i saw someone who looks like you (Im guessing thats you in your picture) but oh well never mind, though i wouldnt blame you for working there. That place is amazing! x
  7. notyounaanbread
    03-02-2011 04:05 PM
    You dont work at Ikea by any chance do you?
  8. notyounaanbread
    29-01-2011 12:08 PM
    Haha don't worry the thought is still appreciated! And i don't know if we have talked about this before (probbaly have) but your from Northumberland! Wow me too!
  9. notyounaanbread
    25-12-2010 10:33 PM
    Merry Christmas!
  10. notyounaanbread
    20-03-2010 10:40 PM
    Ok sorry read that message though, and Id be extermly proud is you manage to under stand it. So I think it's best to forget it haha!

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