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  1. pandaman37
    14-07-2012 10:23 PM
    happy late birthday lenny
  2. pandaman37
    03-12-2011 09:35 AM
    hahaha who in blazes is errol garner?

    those lecture classes are so. damned. boring. this last semester i took..... armenian studies... history of rocknroll (which was retarded btw), like basic physics, and a pretty awesome philosophy class. armenian studies was actually really interesting until we got to the genocide.

    and you too im happy other countries can celebrate our raping and pillaging of the new world.
  3. lensip max
    24-11-2011 02:19 AM
    lensip max
    I think they have those ones as well, but my uni seems to have quite a penchant for like, jazz musicians. The creation and conditioning thereof. I've gone to those ones, because secretly I want to be Erroll Garner

    Oh. Economics. That sounds so dry. Poor you. Nice of him to let you out early though. I don't think anyone would go to a lecture that late at my uni... I had law til 5pm this semester and though it was a class of like 200, by the end of the semester, there'd only be about 60 people dotted across the lecture hall. What else are you taking other than economics?

    Also, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving the other week or whenever it was.
  4. pandaman37
    25-09-2011 04:33 AM
    economics :/ he usually lets us out early tho. and omg thats so cool. what is like orchestra/concert sorta music?

    and no its not at all like stadium arcadium.... arguably one of their best albums imo.
  5. lensip max
    02-09-2011 03:44 AM
    lensip max
    What do you have to do til 9? That seems kind of retarded. Unless it's some kind of mystical trackish kind of a thing which I wouldn't know anything about. I don't go to anything at uni if it's later than 6pm, with the exception of the Tariq Ali lectures earlier this year, and the concert nights at the music school where the madly gifted final year music students have recitals.

    I can't listen to any music on this machine because it's on its last legs. And if it's anything like Stadium Arcadium, I don't think I want to anyway
    I love my rhcp most at like, Californication stage. The balance of that album is superb, and unrivalled by any of their things either before or since (admittedly I'm not that well acquainted with Stadium Arcadium in the first place, because I disliked the singles...)
  6. pandaman37
    01-09-2011 07:55 AM
    haha dont worry about it, just cos i have way too much time i can actually use this fairly often :P
    and yeahhhh second week... its pretty great. except today, im at school from 10 to 9 at night... and then some girl was leaving for college so i visited her. super long day. and youre only 21 haha, you have quite some time to go you old lady.
    it was very nice, although its still incredibly hot outside. and i sincerely hope it affected you as deeply as it did me.
    PS new chili peppers album is absolutely beautiful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpJl2QIJENk
  7. lensip max
    01-09-2011 12:31 AM
    lensip max
    Omg I haven't been able to write back until now. Are you at college yet? Today? Something like that? Do you have any idea how old that makes me feel?

    I hope your summer passed beautifully, and I've also been dying to say for ages that they've started playing The Walking Dead over here, which makes me think of you.

    Less than three.
  8. pandaman37
    22-07-2011 08:18 AM
    glad to hear youre doing good.
    its been niice... doing whatever you know how it is.. i suppose i need to enjoy the last real summer vacation i have left hehe. were actually going to santa cruz for a week with our dads side of the family.. crammed into a house with 8 really unstable people for a week O,O haha no its always fun
    so to answer your question, its been really great. excepting the part where my bass got stolen. that was gay, but other than that, its been pretty bitchin.
  9. lensip max
    18-07-2011 06:32 AM
    lensip max
    Eventually I will, but first I am going to find and acquire every season/book of a:tla, which is the best cartoon to have emerged from the last decade, though the movie is such a sad piece of shit.

    Mine was pretty casual, because I've put off my SUPER HUGE OMGWTFBRAINEXPLODINGFROMTHEAWESOMESAUCEOFIT 21st until Summer, because I cba organising it from another city halfway through the university year. I made a sadly normal but still yum chocolate cake and iced it all prettily, and then forgot candles so made a wish on a tealight. I got clothes and some money from some people, and a mug with a photograph of my nephew's face on it, which is the most epic thing ever, because it makes me indescribably happy to drink tea out of my nephew's smiling, baby, porcelain head, and my brother refused not to get me a present on my actual birthday, even though he's willing to get me anything up to a car this summer.

    Yes. How's your summer generally going?
  10. pandaman37
    16-07-2011 04:33 AM
    well like 4 seasons of dexter on dvd. thats really all i need haha, seriously you need to watch that show, youd love it. howd yours go?

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