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  1. Dina F.K.K.
    24-07-2009 03:44 PM
    Dina F.K.K.
    we must keep our spirit Audrey. I do it for Muse too.
  2. illuminatus
    21-07-2009 03:26 AM
    I have to work 6 days a week, day off every Thursday, we get loads of people during weekend so we're not allowed to take an off except if there's an emergency or important family gatherings.

    Just don't forget to take meds. In no time you'll get used to that kind of set-up. My body is still adjusting to the shifting schedule. I usually work from 1230 nn to 930 pm. Some days I'm required to report as early as 1030am until 730 pm. Since I work mostly on weekend I kind of lost track on the actual day.
  3. Dina F.K.K.
    18-07-2009 06:25 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    thanks Audrey. I have to work 5 days a week. monday til friday. from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, but usually in public accountant office there are a lot of overtime til late of night, with the compensations of course. but still, it will root up my energy. I just hoping I can still healthy.

    how bout your job Audrey? How many days do you have to work in a week?
  4. illuminatus
    16-07-2009 08:23 AM
    You can do it! How many days do you have to work in a week?
  5. Dina F.K.K.
    16-07-2009 08:11 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Thanks Audrey! I need to prepare my energy, cos the job is really hard.
  6. illuminatus
    16-07-2009 06:44 AM
    Woohoo! Congrats for getting the job Dina! I'm so happy for you! Good luck, break a leg sweetheart..I know you can do it.
  7. Dina F.K.K.
    16-07-2009 06:06 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Wow, I'm happy that you love your new job. I will start my very first new job. the training will be started at July 21 in Jakarta. I'm an junior auditor at Ernst & Young. Wish me luck, Audrey! And good luck to you too..
  8. illuminatus
    13-07-2009 03:56 PM
    Hey love, job is great! Very exciting and never a dull moment. Tomorrow I'll be at the book fair looking after our books.
  9. Dina F.K.K.
    13-07-2009 06:33 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Hi Audrey! How are you? How is your new job?
  10. illuminatus
    11-06-2009 12:01 PM
    My life's good. As for the job, kind of drifting. I want to leave my job already. Found an opening post from a bookstore, will go there on the 22nd to apply for the job.

    Love life is zero as usual

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