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  1. mariamuser
    07-06-2010 08:24 PM
  2. mariamuser
    07-06-2010 08:23 PM
    Please dearest Matt, love, tomorrow in Milan play INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Much loveXXXXXXXXXXXXXMaria, Milan
  3. mariamuser
    20-03-2010 01:33 PM
    Dearest Matt, I've been in Bologna and Turin and I bought tickets for june in Milan on the first day of pre-sale!!! I'm so happy you played that masterpiece called 'Butterflies and hurricanes' that's one of my favourite. Please Matt play 'INVINCIBLE' in Milan and I'll be the happiest girl in the world....love it so much, and when you play 'solo' guitar I cry becouse is so beautiful. Love XXX from Maria, Milan Italy
  4. mariamuser
    30-12-2009 06:12 PM
    Dearest Matt I just saw you in Bologna and Turin in your 2 fantastic gigs in Italy and now I'm waiting for Milan of 8 june...WOW I can't wait!!! thank you very much for Butterflies and Hurricanes in Turin, you're the best...To you, Dom and Chris my Best Wishes for a WONDERFUL 2010. LOVE ON YOU ALL. Many kisses
  5. mariamuser
    11-12-2009 12:43 AM
    Hallo Matt I want to thank you so much becouse you played Butterflies in Turin, Italy...was fantastic for me and my little sister who started to listen your music only 3 months ago. We came to both Italian dates and I bought the tickets for Milan concert in june too. We'll be there too of course...Love you so much Matt I love you so. Kisses
  6. mariamuser
    15-11-2009 07:28 PM
    Please Matt. please in Bologna and Turin play Invincible and Butterflies and Hurricanes. one for each concert. Please Matt do it for my little sister that come to see yuo ( in both cities) for the first time. I went to see Muse concerts many times before. but she didn't. Love MUSE for ever- YOU INVINCIBLE GENIUS!!! love love love XXX Maria
  7. mariamuser
    08-09-2009 08:35 PM
    Dearest Matt I registered myself if I remember in july but I can't listen the songs of resistance, nor for 30 seconds. I don't know why!!! I ordered some things in your website shop. I ordered box set limited edition at Amazon, I'm looking forward, See you in Bologna and Turin. Love Maria
  8. mariamuser
    23-08-2009 04:04 PM
    Dearest Matt you've 3 new fans: both my sisters and the husband of one of them. It's all my fault....of course I always listen MUSE cd, see MUSE dvd, at last they surrended. See you soon in Bologna and Turin. You're the best!!! All my love Maria
  9. mariamuser
    19-08-2009 07:39 PM
    I'm looking forward to buy The Resistance and hope november arrive soon so I see you in Bologna and then in Turin too. MUSE are all my life together to my son. MUSE FOREVER MUSE. Love Maria
  10. mariamuser
    18-08-2009 09:46 PM
    Dearest Matt I can't wait to listen all the songs of the new wonderful album. Hope to win the NME competition so I'll come to London to listen it on 1st of september!!! Would be a dream for me. I love MUSE so...XXX Maria

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