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  1. Kylee
    09-03-2009 08:03 AM
    Yeah, that one is good. It's pretty cool, kinda boring though.
    I like Radiohead, but they bore me fast.

    So how was your weekend?
  2. liberty
    09-03-2009 07:11 AM
    Hmmm... I don't feel like I listen to enough of their stuff to legitimize having a favorite, though I like "Everything In Its Right Place."
  3. Kylee
    09-03-2009 06:50 AM
    Yeah, I like them. I dont think they're THAT amazing, and I think they are very overrated, but the music by them that I do like, I like very much. Whats your favorite song by them? My favorite is 2+2=5
  4. liberty
    09-03-2009 06:33 AM

    I only have a few Radiohead songs in my library. Do you?
  5. Kylee
    08-03-2009 10:31 AM
    Ahaha! Yeah sorry about that. I tried really hard to type nice and clearly that by the time I got to the end of my message, I was just like suajnanidbafuibeiueiubq iud druunnk! lol.

    Do you listen to Radiohead?
  6. liberty
    08-03-2009 09:15 AM
    Yay! Freedom! I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything. Strangely enough, the sentence that said you were drunk had more typos in it than the rest of your message
  7. Kylee
    07-03-2009 09:42 AM
    Well, I reccommended Muse and then she started reading the twilight books. Then she saw that Stephanie Meyer had them on the twilight playlists, so she got interested. And now she loves them. No, not just SMBH. She likes a lot of it, but her favorite is Starlight, of course.

    omg sorry if I soundretarded, I'm just kind drink right now lol. my friends 18rh birthday was tonight so I was allowed out and I celebrated lol
  8. liberty
    07-03-2009 04:53 AM
    Did your friend like Muse because of Twilight? Or vice versa? Or was it random coincidence she likes both? And does she only like SMBH? Yes, that was a lot of questions, sorry.

    Yeah that's what makes the whole thing so tragic... unfortunately she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  9. Kylee
    07-03-2009 01:23 AM
    hahaha, yes because those twilighters are twats. But one of my best friends at my school who loves muse is a twilight super fan. . She even has a shirt that says twilight on it AND a shirt that says "Team Jacob".

    Today in my health class, my teacher brought up the Mrs. Yamashita thing because we were talking about mental health and the way it can affect peoples behaviors. I think my teacher knew of her and/or knew her personally because everytime we asked about a personal detail about the accident she didn't want to talk about it at all. And I didn't know the attack was so random. , such a sad thing.
  10. liberty
    06-03-2009 10:50 AM
    Yeah, you're right about the Phoenix/Franz thing. More work than it's worth. But I found myself looking up the venue on Google Maps earlier today. I didn't realize how close to the airport it was.

    That "Twatlight" outburst made me chuckle.

    I know this is totally random, but I just noticed your birthday is on June 13. Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer), his birthday is on June 13 too.

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