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  1. Char-Char-Charlie
    15-06-2009 06:44 AM
    naw awesome! thanks you
  2. lensip max
    14-06-2009 07:40 AM
    lensip max
    You can only change them on the first of every month!

    I will though
  3. Char-Char-Charlie
    14-06-2009 06:45 AM
    write shabangabang!
  4. Char-Char-Charlie
    06-05-2009 07:24 AM
    have u got a new fone or found ur phone yet lenny? coz i really wanna text you....when i get credit
  5. Char-Char-Charlie
    05-05-2009 01:42 AM
    yay awesome leenny
  6. lensip max
    30-04-2009 09:50 PM
    lensip max
    I miss you too

    I get my computer 2m though
  7. Char-Char-Charlie
    30-04-2009 07:15 AM
    lenny i miss you i wanna talk to you
  8. Char-Char-Charlie
    27-04-2009 06:41 AM
  9. lensip max
    26-04-2009 01:39 AM
    lensip max

    I'm going to have to buy another one 2m I think...
  10. Char-Char-Charlie
    25-04-2009 06:20 AM
    alrihgt lenny bucky says hi. have u found ur phone yet?

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