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  1. Melania13
    07-07-2010 03:43 AM
    yeah light and mirrors whoo! i think i have a test tomorrow too... i have to check the syllabus to make sure on immunology and blood typing
  2. Sapphi
    07-07-2010 03:35 AM
    oh, i have a physics quiz tomorrow... and i haven't studied D: anyways, it looks easy, it's about the light, mirrors and that kind of stuff
  3. Melania13
    07-07-2010 03:28 AM
    good, eating a salad for dinner mmm tuna

    then i have to get some homework done for tomorrow
  4. Sapphi
    07-07-2010 03:19 AM
    yeah... well, i was cold when i send the message, now it's not so cold (fortunately) how are you?
  5. Melania13
    07-07-2010 02:40 AM
    Hi! are you cold or what?
  6. Sapphi
    07-07-2010 01:37 AM
    hello *shivers*
  7. Melania13
    06-07-2010 04:37 AM
    bye bye! goodnight
  8. Sapphi
    06-07-2010 04:33 AM
    yeah that's what it pisses me off so much
    i gotta go, i'm sleepy and i gotta go to school tomorrow
  9. Melania13
    06-07-2010 04:29 AM
    i dont understand why parents are so against it! I mean, its not like after you leave school and start work/whatever you will have the opportunity to go live in another country and culture for months at a time. its such a great experience
  10. Sapphi
    06-07-2010 04:24 AM
    i also wish that... i dreamt about exchanging, but then i asked to my dad about that theme and he said no because "you'd loose one year/semester of school"... it's just 2 months of exchange for god's sake! also, during that time, i'd go to school, not? i'm just pissed off

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