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  1. Hullabaloo DVD
  2. Best Muse song - yes i went there
  3. Lyrics: the misheard, misinterpreted and misunderstood
  4. Most Underrated Song?
  5. What song would you most like Muse to do a cover of?
  6. The 'Muse Should Cover A Queen Song' thread
  7. Worst Muse song ever?
  8. Recess.
  9. Most Under rated Muse song?
  10. The Supermassive Blackhole Thread
  11. You know when people say Absolution was Over Produced..
  12. Knights of Cydonia Discussion Thread
  13. Starlight
  14. Map Of The Problematique: Your Verdict.
  15. Exo-Politics and Zetas Appreciation Thread
  16. BHAR damaged by the Loudness War
  17. Favourite Muse song of all time?
  18. The Black Holes and Revelations Album Awards Results
  19. Your 10 favourite Muse songs
  20. Which Muse song or riff makes your head stand on end whenever you hear it?
  21. The Blackout Appreciation Thread!
  22. Falling Away With You
  23. Dead Star/In Your World single
  24. Best drumming on a muse song....
  25. Bliss
  26. Why does everyone hate Invincible so much? (Underrated)
  27. The Musе Rеmiх Thrеad
  28. eternally missed?
  29. Best lyrics in a Muse song
  30. What's your FAVOURITE part of ANY Muse song?
  31. What are your most and least favourite song/s on each Muse album?
  32. What Is Your Most Played Muse Song On iTunes?
  33. Most Overrated Muse Song
  34. Muse B-Sides/Non-album tracks
  35. Hyper Music & Hyper Chondriac Music
  36. Assassin Discussion thread
  37. Saddest Muse Song
  38. Which Is Your Favourite Muse Song To Listen To Loud?
  39. Your top 5 muse songs
  40. Screenager
  41. Fury or The Small Print
  42. Your Favourite Album?
  43. Apocalypse Please.
  44. songs you will not have heard of b4!!!!
  45. Ebay Announcement
  46. Thoughts on Thoughts of a Dying Atheist.
  47. Worst muse lyrics
  48. What riffs should Muse play?
  49. Piano Thing
  50. Songs to Get Someone Into Muse?
  51. Butterflies and Hurricanes
  52. Which Muse song have you recently discovered or rediscovered the awesomeness of?
  53. The Ruled by Secrecy Revival Thread
  54. Shrinking Universe Appreciation Thread
  55. Ultimate best Muse song thread: By key.
  56. Nature_1
  57. Glorious
  58. Citizen Erased
  59. Least heard Muse song
  60. What's your favourite part of the HAARP DVD?
  61. Rachmaninov and Muse?
  62. Sober
  63. Finding Music Videos.....
  64. Escape from Showbiz
  65. Muse + The Streets - Who Knows Who
  66. Whats your favourite Muse lyric? ...
  67. B-Side Songs
  68. "Map of the Problematique" + Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence"
  69. Matts favourite word to use in songs?
  70. Your top twenty
  71. What is your favorite Muse B-side that you want to see live?
  72. Should Chris be given a shot to do lead vocals for an entire song?
  73. Best Live Performance of any one song
  74. Help a gal out?
  75. If you could re-order/re-track a Muse album, how would you do it?
  76. Unintended Instrumental
  77. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.
  78. Futurism
  79. Map of the Problematique lyrics
  80. According to Wiki, Matt Bellamy plays mandolin?
  81. H8: The Much-Debated Big Important Space Dementia Question
  82. Endlessly
  83. String Quartet; A tribute to Muse
  84. The Gallery
  85. Most progressive Muse song?
  86. Most Christmas-ish Muse song?
  87. Stockholm Syndrome discussion thread
  88. Invincible vs Starlight
  89. Best Muse song(s) to listen to when ANGRY!!!!
  90. What Muse song would be best for a James Bond theme song?
  91. Official Muse Christmas Present 2011
  92. Muse's Acoustic songs...
  93. Soldier's Poem appreciation thread
  94. Sunburn discussion thread
  95. IF Muse had their LAST concert, which would be the last song?
  96. An 8-Bit tribute to Muse
  97. Songs that you always prefer the studio version of...
  98. Sing For Absolution appreciation thread
  99. Futurism Discussion Thread
  100. Which song has a better bassline?
  101. Hyper Chondriac Music
  102. Sad Muse Songs [That Make You Cry:(]
  103. Hate This and I'll Love You!
  104. Forced In discussion thread
  105. Hoodoo Discussion Thread
  106. Exogenesis Part I/II/III
  107. If Muse did a song with another band what would it be??
  108. Fillip Discussion Thread
  109. Micro Cuts Discussion Thread
  110. The Groove discussion thread
  111. Unintended or Invincible?
  112. Which Muse song has your favourite climax?
  113. Favorite (Studio)Album Artwork?
  114. Which MUSE song would you like to see in a game?
  115. The Resistance - 14th September 2009
  116. If you could chose 1 song from each of the first 4 albums for the Resistance-Tour...
  117. The Best Muse Song Ever!
  118. The 'Origin of Symmetry' long term appreciation thread
  119. michael jackson covered by muse
  120. Make Predictions Based On The Song Titles
  121. Your Top and Bottom Muse Song Names
  122. United States of Eurasia
  123. Your Muse Collection! (And Collecting Questions)
  124. United States of Eurasia piano tutorial 1/6
  125. Thank you Muse! USoE Resistance Video Project
  126. Favorite song on each main album?
  127. Muse Video Anthology [Unofficial 4 DVD Set]
  128. Let's get Escape played live!
  129. Uprising: The First Single
  130. Easter Eggs in Muse Songs
  131. The Nishe Appreciation Thread
  132. Timescale Keeper vs. Exo-Politics?
  133. Favorite ending in any Muse song?
  134. Undisclosed Desires
  135. Guiding Light Discussion Thread
  136. The Elephant in the Room: The Resistance isn't that good
  137. MK Ultra Discussion Thread
  138. I Belong To You (+Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix)
  139. Unnatural Selection Discussion Thread
  140. Whatever happened to Atrocity Vector?
  141. Muse at Earls Court
  142. Popcorn
  143. Best Track on The Resistance
  144. Unnatural Selection v New Born
  145. Best Muse Album
  146. Limited Edition Box Set - Whats Your Number?
  147. The Resistance - Favourite track?!
  148. The Resistance Tab Book for Guitar?
  149. favourite Exogenesis part?
  150. Why don't people like Guiding Light?
  151. Unnatural Selection or MK Ultra?
  152. Crazy high falsetto in Uprising...
  153. Battle of the songs 2: Hysteria vs Stockholm Syndrome
  154. Does anyone NOT like Hysteria or Stockholm Syndrome?
  155. do you hate TiRO ?
  156. Battle of the Falling: Falling Down vs. Falling away with you
  157. Battle of the songs: New born vs Bliss
  158. Megalomania Discussion Thread
  159. Muse peaked at Absolution?
  160. What's your favourite song off Origin of Symmetry?
  161. For each Muse album, what is your favorite to sing?
  162. Songs which sound like...
  163. Showbiz turns 10!!!!!!
  164. Battle of the songs: Starlight vs Supermassive black hole
  165. Muse Album Art Discussion Thread
  166. Matt's best vocal work?
  167. Muse Mash Ups......... eek.
  168. Combine your 2 favourite albums to combine a SUPER album!
  169. Top 5 most replayable Muse songs
  170. Best muse lyrics?
  171. Song of the decade
  172. Breathless
  173. Helsinki Drum & Bass Jam
  174. Best Muse Bass Line
  175. Uprising solo <-> Micro Cuts end riff
  176. Rate Showbiz
  177. Rate Origin of Symmetry
  178. Rate Absolution
  179. Rate Black Holes and Revelations
  180. Rate The Resistance
  181. 1984=United States of Eurasia
  182. Petition: Let's get "We Are The Universe" released as a download/b-side!
  183. Resistance Tour DVD
  184. Agitated/Stockholm syndrome Outro tab
  185. Classical music used in Resistance tracks
  186. Dead Star vs In Your World
  187. Soaked - which version do you prefer and why?
  188. Darkshines
  189. The Small Print
  190. City of Delusion Discussion
  191. What is the first song you think of when you hear...
  192. Muse songs you never used to like that much, but now love?
  193. Little Moments You Love
  194. Muse's Best Music Video?
  195. R.I.P New Born Piano Intro
  196. Feeling Good appreciation
  197. Third single is Resistance
  198. What is the first song you ever hear of Muse?
  199. Your top B-Sides
  200. Muse Covers Back in Black
  201. "Prague" - new B-side?
  202. 1999 Cafe Paris Videos
  203. Songs where the verses are better than the chorus?
  204. Best Work of Muse: Which One Is A Real Masterpiece?
  205. Give us Bliss...and joy...
  206. Muse preshow music- between opening band and Muse set
  207. Why does everyone like Showbiz?
  208. n00b question about HAARP...
  209. "Exogenesis" to be released as a single???
  210. Lullaby Versions of Muse songs.
  211. Dead Star Discussion Thread
  212. Your top 10 most played Muse songs on iTunes?
  213. MK Ultras Meaning?
  214. [New] German exclusive Undisclosed Desires release
  215. Least Favorite Song From Each of the 5 Albums
  216. Rate The Tracklists from Each Album
  217. Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) - Eclipse OST
  218. Anyone ever sang the last part of Ruled By Secrecy?
  219. Rate The Singles
  220. should MUSE make a movie about their career's???
  221. What kind of 6th album do you want?
  222. How do you like your Bellamy vocals?
  223. Muse - Knights of Cydonia ripoff ?
  224. My Muse - Uprising remix
  225. Most ___ Muse lyrics
  226. TOADA Discussion Thread
  227. Space Dementia Discussion Thread
  228. My SMBH Remix
  229. Rate Neutron Star Collision
  230. Muse for number 1
  231. Does anyone find it odd that Invincible, Guiding Light & Neutron Star Collision...
  232. Best Songs to Introduce Someone to Muse?
  233. We Are The Universe @ 320 kbps
  234. If they can do it with Screenager...
  235. Muse x reckless and fake Resistance
  236. Helsinki Jam Studio Version!! (Cover)
  237. Crying Shame Discussion Thread
  238. Take a Bow Discussion
  239. United States of Eurasia Orchestral Sheet
  240. Black Holes & Revelations - A Concept Album?
  241. Does Muse stop you from liking Muse?
  242. Muse's cheesy love songs did NOT start with The Resistance
  243. Showbiz Appreciation/Discussion Thread
  244. Five Most Intense Muse Songs
  245. What If: Alternate Version of The Resistance?
  246. Muse and Classical music
  247. QUICK HELP.
  248. Do people that only know The Resistance get to call themselves Muse fans?
  249. Riff help!
  250. Why don't Muse make any great music videos anymore...