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Random pics :p
pah! it's just random stuff that I do with pics and stuff... bleh!
at some Buddhist temple, somewhere. if the model knows that I took a picture of her... oh dear... =P
it's a kite, I've been seeing lots of kites lately.
going at the speed of light :)
I finally I have a turntable, it's old and it's cute and it's red :)
what do you do when you're bored at the english class and all of the sudden you see a cable going down from your window? you draw the scene on your...
they noticed as soon I moved the plushies...
waiting for a reason to do this
why do I have a spanish sugar jar? my breakfast, yeah I was bored
my cat gets a manicure!
I'm not a star wars fan but still I think that the lightsaber is the most awesome weapon EVER! right next to the sonic screwdriver *ahem*
Portuguese classes inspire me...
we have a crime scene at school... they say it's to measure porpotions, rite
what is it? O.O
will someone come?
willy wonka? xD
now kitty... you shouldn't drink!
sometimes it's good to live near to a park...
the bathroom light does wonders... trust me!

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'Pornogenic' - this refers to pics of Muse (and their crotch regions)